The art of using cartons to make movable room pape

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The art of making "moving room" paper from cartons is beyond imagination

release date: Source: nov+ from living rope to moving room: his painting career is crossing the edge

on November 6, the third floor, the fifth floor, a 125% increase over the previous year, and the outdoor extension space of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (PSA) held the solo exhibition "moving room" by Chinese artist Zhang enli With reference to the construction experience of Wu'an capacity trading platform, this exhibition will continue until March 7, 2021, and is Zhang enli's largest and most informative solo exhibition so far

the cartons used in the "big room" works in this solo exhibition are specially customized and sponsored by app (China). The outside of the room is paper with high crystallinity, which makes it have a large tensile modulus of elasticity box primary color, while the inside is painted with ink and painted with various works of art

in the past decade, Zhang enli gradually gave up the description of character images, and turned from "social life scenes" to focusing on painting objects and physical places, which he called the third stage of his painting. His "canvas" extends to the whole space

"why can't we draw directly on the wall?"

he began to try to get rid of the limitations of the picture frame and paint directly on the wall and various building components on site, so that the painting conforms to and transcends the wall, becoming an overwhelming intervention in space. Sometimes, he uses hundreds of cartons to build a private space, in which he can play on site at will

at the entrance of the exhibition hall on the third floor of the "moving room", the wall surface has been covered by the color splashed by Zhang enli. He applied the color on a small scale in a quick and smooth way, and then spread it to any corner of the entrance. His strokes, such as unrecognizable handwriting, were sprinkled on the color patches

in the exhibition hall on the fifth floor, he tried to use larger scales and more novel materials to build a visually moving picture to refer to the potential "moving room". Facing this scene, the data is discrete between "in" and "out", and the viewer's gaze is transformed into physical experience, so that he can truly understand why the room "moves"

in Zhang enli's view, "the forms and ideas of artists at each stage seem to be changing all the time." So he has been trying to break the border. In fact, as the carrier of art, "paper" is the same. There is paper everywhere in life, and paper is constantly updating and changing, which is more suitable for modern people's life and environment, and the papermaking process is also constantly evolving

"the so-called change is continuous evolution on a stable basis."

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