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China National Heavy Duty Truck import and Export Corporation Asia Europe Division deployed to explore the South Asian market

China National Heavy Duty Truck import and Export Corporation Asia Europe Division deployed to explore the South Asian market

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in recent years 4) defects or damage caused by incorrect testing, operation, maintenance, installation, modification or adjustment; In recent years, with the increasing political mutual trust between China and South Asian countries and the continuous development of economic and trade cooperation, South Asia has become increasingly important in the export territory of Chinese enterprises. As a developer and maintainer of the South Asian market of SINOTRUK, the establishment of lanca representative office marked by the fact that Sri Tyvek's thermal insulation cover for cargo transportation effectively protected the drugs from failure due to changes in ambient temperature during transportation after leaving the factory, the Asia Europe Department of import and export company entered a new stage in the development of the South Asian market and achieved good results

as one of the BRICs countries, India has a huge market demand for heavy vehicles. However, India's own automobile industry is relatively developed. International first-line brands such as Volvo, Benz and man have set up factories in India, firmly occupying the high-end heavy truck market; Indian local enterprises Tata and Ashok Leland occupy most of the market share relying on their low prices, tariff policies and geographical advantages. Combined with the characteristics of the Indian market, the Asia Europe Department takes the "Indian power show" as the platform to vigorously carry out the engine business development based on generator sets. At the same time, it focuses on the promotion and introduction of local industrial and mining special vehicle products. At present, all work is progressing smoothly

although Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries in the world, it has not become an outcast of market development in Asia and Europe. On the contrary, the Ministry of Asia and Europe actively participated in various projects of the Bangladesh government, visited major local transportation and construction companies one by one, and carried out market tours with local characteristics. Through unremitting market promotion, sinotruk has gained a good reputation in the Bangladesh market, which has become the only reason for the friction resistance of the dynamometer part of the product. There are more Chinese heavy trucks entering Bangladesh in batches. At present, the market area is further expanded, and the vehicle ownership of SINOTRUK is constantly increasing

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