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Linde heavy forklift Asia Pacific Latin America conference was successfully held in Xiamen

Linde heavy forklift Asia Pacific Latin America conference was successfully held in Xiamen

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Guide: from December 2 to 3, 2010, Linde heavy forklift Asia Pacific Latin America customer and dealer conference was held in Xiamen Longzhong. Customers and dealers from all over Asia Pacific and Latin America gathered together to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new car, and visited the forklift on-site operation demonstration, test drive and experience the new car. Host this

from December 2 to 3, 2010, the Asia Pacific Latin American customer and dealer conference of Linde heavy forklift was grandly held in Xiamen. Customers and dealers from all over Asia Pacific and Latin America gathered together to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new car, and visited the forklift on-site operation demonstration, test drive and experience the new car

the purpose of this meeting is to strengthen the communication and cooperation between Linde heavy truck and dealers and customers when the pointer stops for the first time if the experiment is normal, let Linde heavy truck users from the Asia Pacific Latin American "BRICs" witness the strength of Xiamen factory, show them that the heavy truck products produced in China will be more competitive in the market, and enhance the confidence and trust of customers and dealers; At the same time, it also allows more customers to personally witness and experience that the heavy vehicle series products assembled and produced in China are of the same quality as those made in Britain

at the Linde heavy truck Asia Pacific Latin America conference held on the afternoon of December 2, senior executives from Linde heavy forklift Co., Ltd. introduced to the guests Linde's outlook and planning for the future, the advantages and performance of new products, and its good competitiveness in the market. On the morning of the 3rd, a grand ribbon cutting ceremony for new products was held, and guests were organized to visit the factory's advanced production lines and understand the assembly of forklifts. The guests were deeply impressed by the production strength of Linde Xiamen factory, and felt Linde's innovative design concept in response to market demand. At the demonstration site of the heavy vehicle, the guests, accompanied by professional drivers, conducted a test drive to personally experience the flexibility and comfort of the heavy vehicle operation of each series

operation demonstration

operation demonstration

it is understood that the new heavy truck released this time includes: the fifth generation c4531 front crane, which can raise the height of six containers, with flexible and comfortable operation, extremely advanced hydraulic system, high reliability of electrical and control system, which can directly reduce user costs. C90 empty box stacker is the first empty box stacker equipped with hydrostatic transmission system in the world at present. Its main advantages include: eliminating the wear of main transmission parts, saving the maintenance and repair cost of gearbox, saving a lot of energy consumption, and reaching the extreme of operation accuracy. C90 empty container stacker has the lowest operating cost: low fuel consumption, less hydraulic oil replacement, low tire cost, low hydraulic accessories cost, no gearbox maintenance cost, no gearbox overhaul cost, no brake system cost, no front axle maintenance cost. Linde ton forklift (358 Series), which has many performance advantages over its competitors, is an ideal choice for material handling under medium strength conditions

at the meeting, Francesco Chinaglia, general manager of Linde heavy forklift Co., Ltd. (UK), delivered a speech on "future market planning and development direction"; Mark Timothy, manager of marketing department, delivered a speech on "market layout and strategy"; Stuart truckel, director of global services, delivered a speech on "customer service and after-sales service"; Davide bertozz, director of business development and global sales, introduced the characteristics and advantages of Linde products

during the meeting, guojinpeng, President of Linde (China) forklift Co., Ltd. and Francesco Chinaglia, general manager of Linde heavy forklift Co., Ltd. (UK), received exclusive interviews from the media including me

what are the advantages and product competitiveness of Linde heavy forklift compared with similar products, Guojinpeng said: "Linde's products are excellent in technology and quality, and surpass their peers in many aspects. Linde's front crane is the only one that can increase the height of six containers under the standard configuration at present, while other peers' existing products need to remember that each keyword can only be increased by five when it is segmented during pretreatment. In this way, Linde's front crane boom is stronger, and the customer site can be more effective Utilization. Linde frontal crane has the highest lifting capacity, the highest load capacity and the best stability in this equipment of the same level. Thanks to Linde's advanced hydraulic system, the average lifting speed is the fastest compared with other brands. Linde's unique on-demand energy supply system automatically outputs the energy required for operation, which can save 20% of the fuel consumption for users. At the same time, the driver can achieve the most comfortable state. The color multilingual display screen with Chinese in the cab can better display the working conditions, and has the most advanced operation handle. Linde frontal crane has a unique remote diagnosis as the standard configuration. Remote diagnosis can help operators work better, and the fault diagnosis function can be realized remotely. This function is very convenient and efficient. When the vehicle fails, it can diagnose the fault at the first time, greatly reducing the user's downtime. "

francesco Chinaglia added: "C90 Empty Container Stacker also has unique advantages. Linde C90 is the most stable of all similar equipment. The unique hydrostatic transmission system saves user costs more. Only 70% of the energy of the traditional transmission system is transmitted to the wheels. Linde hydrostatic transmission system makes the effective energy transmission as high as 94%. Compared with Linde transmission system, Linde transmission system is more optimized, more efficient, better energy utilization, and has a good competitive advantage. The gantry is straight The unique design installed on the front axle makes its center of gravity move backward and has high stability, which can reduce tire wear and save energy. The inverted gantry design, with the inner gantry fixed and the outer gantry lifted, has high gantry strength and provides a good vision for the driver., The cab design fully applies ergonomics, which makes the environment very comfortable, greatly reduces the work intensity and improves the work efficiency. "

when Guo Jinpeng introduced the history of manufacturing and sales of Linde heavy forklift truck in China, He said, "in 2007, the first front crane produced in Linde (China) was successfully delivered to customers, and in 2009 "Since the beginning of this year, 100 front cranes have been produced. So far, in less than two years, the front cranes produced by Linde China have doubled. Today's meeting made customers realize that Linde's strength lies not only in small forklift products, but also in the production of the first imported heavy trucks. The heavy truck industry is different from small forklifts, and its price is relatively high compared with forklifts. Only by constantly meeting the needs of customers and changing products Therefore, choosing machines is not simply about taking into account the psychological needs of customers, constantly listening to the needs of customers, and producing products more suitable for customers, so as to promote the development of heavy vehicle business. To this end, Linde has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. "

it is understood that the export proportion of Linde (China) frontal crane accounts for 60%. It is mainly sold to Latin America, Australia, India, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and other countries. Factories in Britain and China produce various series of heavy vehicles at the same time, and customers can freely choose to buy again according to their own region, working condition and price demand. The British Heavy fork factory has a total area of 240000 square meters, a construction area of 22000 square meters, a test area of 6000 square meters, and a factory capacity of 900 sets. It can produce forklifts of different models and types, with 240 employees. Linde China has a heavy vehicle equipment factory in Xiamen with a total area of more than 20000 square meters, a construction area of nearly 100000 square meters, a heavy vehicle operation Department of more than 40000 square meters, a test area of more than 2000 square meters, a production capacity of more than 300 units, and more than 70 personnel. The products manufactured by Chinese factories are mainly supplied to developing countries, and the products produced by Britain are aimed at the European and American markets. The positioning of the two factories is different and can be complementary

when answering how Linde company views the global heavy vehicle market, Guojinpeng emphasized: "In the past, there were only a few manufacturers of heavy forklifts. Now many manufacturers have entered the heavy truck market, and there is a growing trend of letting a hundred flowers bloom. However, we believe that we need to rely on our strength to occupy the market share. The global heavy truck market sales fell by 48% from 2008 to 2009, and now it is expected to increase by 10% from 2009 to 10. The demand in different regions and fields is different. 60% of Linde's heavy truck sales come from markets outside Europe. ”According to the editor, the data of 2010 showed that the sales volume in the Asia Pacific region exceeded that in the European market. In recent years, China's inland ports and storage yards have developed so fast that an explosive growth has been formed this year, which is due to the impact of last year's financial crisis. It is a restorative growth. I believe that next year will be a healthy growth

Guo Jinpeng said in response to the feedback from Linde heavy forklift from offline to users: "Quality is a major driving force for the development of enterprises. We have to constantly improve our production processes and tools, and improve the quality of personnel at the same time. We have developed a quality management system, with special personnel to do quality management and analysis work, and constantly monitor the quality to ensure the production of high-quality products, ensure that all ex factory products must be strictly tested, and minimize vehicle damage during transportation Bad, but also through a variety of ways of feedback to improve our quality. Customer feedback is generally very good. Previously, we needed to buy from Linde UK company, which has long delivery time, long transportation time and high transportation cost. Now, after most of the products are produced in Xiamen factory, a localized system of production has been formed, which has shortened the supply cycle and spare parts delivery. At the same time, the freight cost has also been greatly reduced. These factors are very good for users in Asia Pacific and Latin America. "

group photo of guests

during the development of Linde heavy truck in the past 14 years, many changes have taken place in its products. The knowledge, expertise, design, product development and after-sales service accumulated in the past will continue to be inherited. On this basis, we should make persistent efforts, continue to develop, continuously improve services, improve customer relations, and launch different products according to different market needs based on customer needs

the smooth convening of this meeting has made customers, dealers and guests from all over Asia Pacific and Latin America full of confidence in Linde, which indicates that the development of Linde heavy forklift will enter a broader prospect

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