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The important role of text arrangement in graphic design (middle)

Second, the relationship between text and graphic design

in graphic design, the understanding of basic visual elements is the basis for organizing the whole plane, just as a musician needs to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of each note if he wants to make a limited number of notes into a music with changeable style. For the plane, graphics and text are indispensable. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the visual role of words in graphic design

(I) words are important symbols to convey information

there is no doubt that words are symbols of ideas. In the long river of history, people have long been used to such thinking patterns. Throughout the process of human consciousness, it is actually a process of symbolizing the world. Poets express their rich emotions with words, musicians express their feelings and reveries about melody with different notes, and dancers express their understanding of the world with different body symbols...

it can be said that people think with symbols, and symbols are the main body of thinking. The famous Italian semiotician Aike proposed that symbols are defined as any such thing, which can be regarded as something representing other things according to established social habits - a sign x represents y that is not there. The idiom "goose mud and goose claw" vividly and accurately expresses the concept of symbols. The claw prints left by goose on the mud and snow make people know that there were goose passing here, And we can infer the size of the goose and other information. Paw print is the mark X, while the goose is not in y. However, the function of the symbol "X" can sometimes not only express a certain conventional meaning "Y", but also produce different associations according to different times and different angles. There are interpretations of its meaning without rotation and friction, but also represent "Z", "L", "K" and so on. A large number of tortoise shells and animal bones unearthed at the Yin Shang site in Anyang, Henan Province, China are engraved with a large number of hieroglyphs, known as oracle bone inscriptions, which are the earliest inscriptions available in China. Today, thousands of years after the main steps of the model test, in addition to the fact that it still retains the characteristics of recording event symbols in the eyes of archaeologists, in the eyes of the vast majority of people, these illegible words have become symbols of that era thousands of years ago. It becomes a symbolic figure with a certain meaning. The meaning of symbols is diverse and variable. As a symbol, words are also like this, which not only has the function of realizing the meaning and semantics of words, but also has aesthetic effect

graphic design itself is an expression of symbols. The reasonable and accurate use of symbols is very important to achieve the purpose of information transmission. Finding a symbol x can accurately convey the information of Y (modeling significance in graphic design), which has become the key to the success or failure of a graphic design work

(II) explore the meaning of text symbols in design

words work by volume changes. The meaning of symbols has been gradually fixed by our habitual thinking in the long river of human history with the passage of time. In graphic design, the use of words cannot stay here. We must stand at a higher level, use a new vision, and use the concept of design to explore the broader meaning and role of words in design. Text is a tool to form a plane to convey information. The old adage "if you want to do good work, you must sharpen your tools first" has been newly interpreted here. Understanding the essence of characters is the premise of graphic design

Cezanne, a master of modern art, summarized the complex world with the most essential and simplest geometric forms. Modern designers also need to understand the essence of many elements involved in design, otherwise they will be lost in these many elements and have no way to start, and they will not be able to freely and flexibly allocate, combine and recreate various elements

to explore more meanings of text symbols in design, we should consider the information transmission function and visual effect of text. In the design, different fonts, different font sizes, different word spacing and line spacing are important languages in the design. The words we are familiar with have more symbols and meanings in the eyes of designers

1. Point, line and surface characteristics of text. "Font should be a graphic element. Font graphics is the high unity of form and content" (Keller). Many characters originate from graphics, such as Chinese characters, ancient Egyptian holy characters, and cuneiform characters in the two river basin, which are all pictographs. For Chinese characters, there is a saying that "calligraphy and painting are of the same origin", such as "cattle" and "sheep", which regard words as objects

in terms of the essence of form, any figure and text can be regarded as the most basic modeling elements - points, lines and surfaces. From this point of view to understand graphics and text, they have the same importance in graphic design. Therefore, the text itself is composed of points, lines and faces, and it can also form new points, lines and faces. The use of characters in graphic design is to make rational use and deployment of the characteristics of points, lines and surfaces of characters. We can often see in the plane: the title text forms a striking point, a sentence forms a line of virtual and real changes, and a paragraph of description changes a colorful face... Graphic design is to weave these seemingly ordinary words together through the organization of the designer to form a unified picture and fluctuating rhythm

2. Graphic characteristics of characters and graphic design. The graphic characteristics of characters have always been the creative material that designers enjoy. China has always stressed the homology of calligraphy and painting, and its characters have the beauty of graphics to reach the artistic realm. Making characters with pictures began as early as oracle bone inscriptions in ancient times. So far, its text structure still conforms to the composition principle of graphic aesthetics. Words in the world are nothing more than images and symbols. Therefore, it is really an easy task to find the factors that can form graphics from text. So we can often see graphical words and written graphics

graphic characters are the re graphics and re creativity of fonts based on the development of Chinese characters for thousands of years. Some products of the development of modern society are used as creative materials. At the same time, this kind of creativity is used to express some behaviors in modern society, create a modern atmosphere, and make the writing creativity modern. Not only from the form, but also from the content to further deepen the content of the performance, is a kind of imaged graphic text

the other is written graphics, such as text-based logo design. It is a new expansion and superposition of its meaning on the basis of the meaning of the text itself. For example, the combined graphic signs of "fish" and "L" are used to show the characteristics of the aquarium

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