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On the morning of November 20, 2014, guoxianjun, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, guojichang, vice chairman of the Federation of industry and commerce, and a number of entrepreneurial friends visited Shuangqiang company for guidance

accompanied by Li Wenbo, chairman of the company, Wang Yong, general manager, and Jiang Bingjun, assistant general manager of the company, the accompanying guests can easily explain the mixing of long glass and carbon fiber composites. They have a high view of the company's R & D center, academician workstation, analysis and testing room, material aging room, and negotiation hall; Watched the production of savoch warm edge energy-saving insulating glass (model) factory and the production of savoch warm edge adhesive strip. At the site of the warm edge production workshop, when the county leaders learned that the employees were working overtime to make products exported to Mexico, Russia, Finland and other countries, the county leaders expressed their cordial condolences to the employees

leaders and entrepreneurs are deeply attracted by the innovative model of Shuangqiang plastic, full of praise for the authorized factory, and express good wishes for the future development of the company

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