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At present, the two major trends in the Beijing printing industry

the two major trends in the current Beijing printing industry, due to the rapid development of modern information technology, network technology, digital technology and automation technology, have not only fundamentally transformed, broadened and developed printing technology, but also profoundly changed the traditional printing industry and strongly promoted the progress and development of the whole printing industry, Even changed the traditional business philosophy and management methods. Expanding business scope, seeking new development, entering the era of knowledge economy, the society's demand for printing has changed, prompting the Beijing printing industry to strive to develop new products, provide new services, and explore new fields. Compared with full automation, it is more intuitive. Many traditional printing plants in Beijing began to introduce new equipment and expand their business scope. For example, the printing plants of the petroleum industry press originally could only provide

long edition printing services. In March this year, Heidelberg Np2100 and DM9110 digital printing machines were introduced and installed, which could provide more personalized short edition printing services and greatly enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, some other Beijing printing plants have also begun to change to data processing companies, digital printing companies, network printing companies, etc. Some Beijing printing plants are advancing and developing in depth. For example, in order to reduce the impact of paper price fluctuations, they began to produce their own paper or carry out paper trade; In some

workflow, such as color separation, it used to be subcontracted out, but now it implements internal operations, which not only helps to achieve scale response, but also better controls the printing quality. 2. Set off a hot trend of expansion, merger and combination, and give an intuitive reminder of the failures. With the technological change, the new Ingeo formula with leather speed can bring better impact resistance and toughness, and continue to accelerate. Many Beijing printing plants realize that it is difficult to keep up with the latest development trends only by their own ability. In order to improve the competitiveness and technical level, some larger Beijing printing plants began to move and expand, while strengthening the merger or association with medium and small printing plants, which is a process that China's plastic industry must experience, in order to provide customers with more perfect and advanced publishing and printing services

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