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The two-color pearl card anti-counterfeiting ink glittering with pearl

relief printing Co., Ltd. developed a "two-color pearl ink", which is never operated according to the actual use. From the same point of view, it will produce two color changes, which can be used in the card design of the financial industry, and has the dual characteristics of high-grade design sense and strong anti-counterfeiting. Using this technology, cards with the same pattern as the "two-color pearl passbook" that has been sold can be made

the ink has a pearl like luster, and there will be two color changes from different angles. The color changes are divided into three types, namely: from red to green; From blue to beige; From green to beige, the specific energy of the power battery system reaches 350 Watt hours/kg. The color change is obvious, and the gloss of the ink is also very good. Compared with ordinary pearl ink, the design grade is higher

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