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The two-color extrusion Blister molding machine was recently launched in Fuzhou

the two-color extrusion Blister molding machine has recently been successfully developed in Fuzhou baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. This set of equipment can directly use powdered calcium carbonate and powdered polypropylene raw materials to produce portal structure corresponding to single arm type, so it can reduce costs and produce products with better quality

the machine can produce double-layer color fast food boxes with two different raw materials. The outer layer uses recycled materials or cheap raw materials, or raw materials with high calcium carbonate content, and the inner layer uses raw materials that meet food hygiene standards. Fully automatic extrusion and Blister molding, intelligent manipulator propulsion, automatic die cutting and stamping, fully automatic continuous operation, without manual die pressing and edge cutting, with a daily output of 120000 degradable fast food boxes, it can also produce bowl calibration methods and means are basically the same, cups and plates

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