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On June 22, nearly 200 representatives of 90 newspaper offices and newspaper groups from the mainland and Taiwan gathered in Kunming, spring city, to participate in the "Symposium on the development of newspaper and printing technology" jointly held by the electronic and printing working committee of the China Newspaper Association in 2004. Because this seminar was jointly held by the two committees, the heads of information technology and printing technology in the newspaper office were able to discuss the technological development of the newspaper industry together, so it also attracted the participation of many domestic and foreign factories related to the production and application technology of the newspaper industry. Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. has always been the leader in the development of China's newspaper technology, and once again demonstrated its strong comprehensive strength at this seminar, Ren Weiquan, chairman and President of founder electronics, binjianguo, vice president, yaoxiuchen, senior consultant, and general managers of various business directions of electronic publishing attended the meeting

the morning of the first day of the opening of the meeting is the plenary meeting. Relevant leaders from the publishing administration and the China Newspaper Association were invited to attend and speak at the symposium. Mr. Wang Zhenduo, director of the electronic Committee of China Newspaper Association, and Mr. Xia Tianjun, director of the printing technology committee, respectively summarized and evaluated the injection pressure of China newspaper: injection pressure is a factor that has a greater impact on the shrinkage rate, and the current situation of production and technology development of the industry. Mr. Ren Weiquan, chairman and President of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Beijing University, made a thematic report on "leading media technology and helping information dissemination". In his report, president Ren focused on "the development strategy of Founder Electronics" and "the technological development outlook of China's newspaper industry", and showed the colleagues of the newspaper industry the organizational structure of Founder Electronics with cross media information dissemination business as the core; The development strategy centered on three technologies: digital asset management (dam), digital on demand printing (POD) and digital copyright protection (DRM). At the same time, president Ren introduced the business framework of founder electronics, which also shows that Founder Electronics is full of confidence in the development opportunities and prospects of China's newspaper industry. President Ren counted the four historical stages of the development of electronic technology in China's newspaper industry in the past 30 years since the "748 project", and integrated the information on the development of the newspaper industry at home and abroad, so that you can clearly see that the future Chinese newspaper industry will undoubtedly be an era of "digital newspaper". "Leading media technology and helping information dissemination" is the eternal pursuit and core strategy of Founder Electronics. "Digital newspaper industry" is the common ideal of Founder Electronics and Chinese newspaper industry. Finally, president Ren said affectionately, "Founder Electronics has always had a close relationship with China's newspaper industry. Thanks to China's newspaper industry, founder electronics will always serve China's newspaper industry!"

"this technical seminar of the China Newspaper Association specially invited Mr. He Mingjie, the executive director of the e-ization group of the United newspaper system, one of Taiwan's largest newspaper departments, and Mr. Chen Guoxing, the general manager of the printing department, to introduce the current situation and experience of the United newspaper system in the construction of newspaper informatization and printing center, in which the utilization rate of more than 85% per day of Founder series newspaper software is applied. 1 Model and specification: the production efficiency of MWW (1) 0 series increased by more than 350%, which left a very deep impression on the representatives of the participating newspapers. Ms. Bao Xinping, deputy general manager of Founder from Taiwan, also introduced the status of newspaper competition and Technological Development in Taiwan. We are proud that 85% of the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden age of Komen growth and rapid growth, and that the newspaper is also using Founder's system

 in the next two days' meeting, the electronic Committee and the printing Committee discussed the problems and solutions in their respective technical development fields in groups, and carried out warm exchanges around the acquisition and editing system, ERP centered on business management, EIP, digital proofing, direct plate making, CIP3, printing machine and other technologies, as well as the development of new technologies at the just concluded drupa International Printing Exhibition. The product directors of all business directions of Founder electronic publishing division made technical reports entitled "information technology helps newspaper management", "the road of newspaper information integration", "founder newspaper system helps Olympic reporting", "Application Analysis of PDF process in newspaper system", "founder strategic digital printing plant management system" and "founder color management" at the two sub venues, The content covers the latest technologies and comprehensive solutions of the most cutting-edge business management, digital process, printing plant ERP, color management, edition composition, new font application, etc. of China's newspaper industry, in addition to printing equipment, and also takes this opportunity to comprehensively demonstrate the leading advantages of Founder Electronics in the field of newspaper information technology. Undoubtedly, it is also a huge business opportunity

. During the meeting, founder electronics hosted a banquet for all the participating newspaper representatives in the Jixin garden of the World Expo in Kunming, and watched a wonderful song and dance performance full of rich ethnic customs, which made everyone relax after the tense meeting, and truly reflected the perfect integration of founder of Peking University and Chinese newspaper industry. As a person in charge of the Newspaper Association said: Founder Electronics is no longer a simple newspaper supplier, but a part of China's newspaper industry

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