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SybaseIQ helps Haier make comprehensive decision analysis case

Haier Group was founded in 1984. After more than 20 years of sustained and stable development, it has become a large international enterprise group renowned at home and abroad. The products have developed from a single refrigerator in 1984 to a product group with more than 15100 specifications in the

96 major categories including white appliances, black appliances and beige appliances, and have been exported to more than 160 countries and regions in the world. In January, 2004, Haier became the only Chinese enterprise selected into the world's 100 most influential brands. In 2004, Haier's global turnover exceeded 100billion yuan

as the management system support of Haier Group, enterprise informatization construction plays a vital role in the development of enterprises. Haier believes that the construction of enterprise informatization can be expressed by the slope theory, that is, the enterprise is regarded as a ball on the slope, which will slide down at any time. However, as a successful enterprise, the ball needs to be bigger and higher. The original small ball (enterprise) is in a very low position. To improve it to the industry, we must rely on several forces: first, foundation, namely business process reengineering, It is the most important point in the whole system to use information flow to drive capital flow and logistics and realize efficient e-commerce operation; The second is the means, that is, computer network. Haier's employees are increasing, its branches at home and abroad are becoming larger and larger, and its trade links are becoming more and more frequent. To obtain and process all kinds of information in a timely and accurate manner, we need a safe, reliable and high-speed computer network information system as a guarantee; The third is the center, that is, the order information flow. All the work of the enterprise is to obtain valuable orders. The vitality of the enterprise also comes from all the production and business activities of the enterprise are carried out around the center of orders; The fourth is power, that is, speed and innovation. Computer information network can be used as a means of enterprise development, but it also poses new challenges to enterprises, that is, the speed should be fast, the business processing of enterprises should meet the requirements of e-commerce, and the needs raised by users through the network, who can meet the fastest, who is the winner, otherwise it is impossible to occupy the market. The ultimate goal of all these four aspects is to create a world famous brand, which is the goal of the whole information construction. If we cannot create a world famous brand and do not have international competitiveness, the information construction will lose its direction and significance

the informatization work of Haier Group has achieved good results, which not only strengthened the confidence of enterprises to further accelerate the pace of informatization construction, but also accelerated the process of enterprise internationalization, so that Haier can maintain a good speed of change in the increasingly fierce international integrated economic competition: the combat power that can change the experimental speed at will, and more firmly move forward to the world's top 500

application requirements

at present, Haier Group has established many information systems, such as ERP system, procurement system, distribution system, delivery system, financial system, OA system and so on. These systems have also been and are playing an important role in the production, operation and management activities of enterprises. However, most of these systems serve different departments and services, and due to the phased and technical construction and implementation of each system, as well as the impact of other economic and human factors, each system is isolated from each other, forming an information island. Under the influence of the information island, the market demand and customer feedback to the enterprise cannot respond in time between the systems, and may cause data distortion; In addition, the information is stored in various application systems, and there is no unified group level data support platform, so it can not provide data support for the macro decision-making of enterprises

after the comparison and evaluation of many products and solutions, Haier group finally decided to cooperate with Sybase company to build a unified data platform for Haier Group by introducing Sybase company's advanced concepts, rich experience in data integration and data warehouse design and implementation, and depositing transparent silica gel in droplets. On the one hand, it can meet the current data exchange requirements within the group and build an overall data view of the enterprise, Publish integrated, complete and consistent information; On the other hand, analyze the situation of the enterprise from the overall perspective, meet the many needs of the group to improve its decision-making ability, and lay a good foundation for further information construction in the future

system architecture

in order to realize the business needs of Haier Group's data integration and decision analysis, Sybase proposes the following architecture: first, use professional ETL (cleaning, conversion, continuous improvement and loading of vibration test methods and logic) tools to centralize the data scattered in various business systems into the ODS (operational data storage) system of the headquarters of the group company. ODS provides a unified view of the current operational data, The data in ODS is updated on a daily basis or at user-defined intervals, and can provide short-term business analysis functions, such as daily reports; Then, professional ETL tools are used to clean and convert the data stored in ODS, and batch load it into DW (data warehouse)

the business architecture is shown in the following figure:

the ods+dw architecture is adopted for the following reasons:

(1) automatic shutdown; If the way of "EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)" is adopted, that is, by building a "message bus", all systems interact through the message mechanism, although the problem of "information island" can be solved to a certain extent, because there is no centralized data storage, it will not be of any help to the analysis and processing of a large range of historical data in the future; The integrity and consistency of data are still not guaranteed; Since queries, reports and other operations ultimately occur in various business systems, it is impossible to share the business pressure of various systems

(2) although the implementation of OLAP server+cube is relatively simple, this method is mainly suitable for small enterprises or department level applications, but it is not suitable for large enterprises such as Haier: cube needs to be reconstructed with the change of business model, and its flexibility is poor; Data needs to be loaded frequently and repeatedly, which has a great impact on the original OLTP business system, and a large number of cubes with different themes are not easy to manage; Cube built data mart, massive number

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