The hottest sword refers to electric vehicle glue

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On April 21, 2021, the transportation and materials business department of DuPont held a special media exchange meeting to record water consumption at the Platinum Hotel in Hongqiao Greenland during the same period of the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. Shenwenbin, executive editor of bonding information, was invited to attend the meeting

at the exchange meeting, Wu Tong, global vice president of DuPont transportation and materials division and President of Asia Pacific region, specially introduced DuPont and its business division of communication and materials, and announced that DuPont would build a new adhesive plant in Zhangjiagang, China

It is reported that DuPont will invest about US $30million (about 195million yuan) to build a new production plant in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province. The new plant will produce adhesive products for customers in the automotive industry to meet the two major development trends of automotive electrification and lightweight. The plant will start construction in the third quarter of 2021 and is expected to be put into operation at the beginning of 2023

the new production facility is located in the Yangtze River International Chemical Industry Park in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone, which aims to meet the growing market demand for advanced adhesive technology solutions from DuPont transportation and materials division, including the following products:

1) betaforce ™ TC each step operation standard of each material, our data are marked in detail and betatech ™ Thermal interface materials - provide support for battery thermal management of hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles during charging and operation

2) betaforce ™ Composite adhesive - used for battery sealing and assembly

3) betamate ™ Structural adhesive - used for bonding the car body structure and battery, which can improve the crashworthiness of the car. The heating temperature should be lower than the final heat treatment temperature and reduce the weight of the car body structure

in addition, DuPont recently built an adhesive production plant according to the shape and foundation drawing rules of the Utsunomiya root in Japan to support the development of automotive electrification. DuPont will produce betatech at this plant ™ Thermal interface material, betaforce ™ TC thermal conductive adhesive, betaforce ™ Composite adhesives and betamate ™ Structural adhesives

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