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Xichai, the high-end pilot market of Jianzhi, made a good start in the first quarter

Xichai, the high-end pilot market of Jianzhi, made a good start in the first quarter

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green core pilot market

take a big responsibility, walk on the road, and become a big player

"in the first quarter, the sales volume of 11 liter engine of Xichai Aowei alone exceeded 16000." It is reported that this year, the 11 liter engine of Xichai Aowei is a perfect combination with the latest domestic Jiefang heavy trucks such as Jiefang J6 pilot, j6p, jh6, j6m, etc. due to its strong, fuel-efficient, reliable, comfortable, safe and other characteristics, and is popular with users. From January to March, the orders of Xichai Aowei in Tianjin Hebei, Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei and other provinces exceeded 10000 at the beginning of the year, and the orders of Aowei in other regions also increased significantly compared with last year, It has laid a solid foundation for the solution to make the pointer return to zero and change greatly, and won the championship of monthly sales volume in the heavy truck market for consecutive times

"wisdom" leads the vanguard and green the future. On March 18, in Shanghai, the economic, financial, trade and shipping center of China and the romantic capital known as Oriental Paris, a grand Promotion Conference for the fifth tractor of the people's Republic of China was held. This magnificent J6 fifth pilot version was equipped with Xichai Aowei 11L fifth engine. With the world's most advanced 24vdohc gas distribution structure and unique fcct combustion control technology, it ensured sufficient gas supply, sufficient fuel atomization, and realized powerful and fuel-efficient engines, The sales volume of 73 sets on site marked a perfect end to the whole event

"through many visits with dealers, large users and engineering dump users, and in cooperation with the Jiefang product promotion meeting, we have promoted the hot sales of Xichai Aowei 11 liter machine." The marketing service personnel of Xichai in charge of Anhui region said that in mid March, the product promotion conference of FAW Jiefang J6 pilot tractor came to an end at Xuzhou station. The FAW Jiefang J6 pilot tractor equipped with Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine once again shook the whole city with excellent quality and unique charm, achieving a gratifying result of 267 units in the infield and outfield. This is another "masterpiece" after the J6 pilot version, which was equipped with Xichai Aowei 11 liter aircraft last year, set a mythical sales rate of 342 car orders. He said, "in August, the auwei 11 liter engine has achieved terminal sales of more than 2000 units in Anhui region, and an automobile sales Service Co., Ltd. in Mengcheng County has billed more than 30 J6 pilot versions at most one day." It is understood that in early March, only at the "liberation J5. Preparation technology of new materials for cultural relics protection 6 pilot version of Mengcheng regional product promotion conference" held in Mengcheng, Anhui Province, the hometown of Zhuang Zi, users with high enthusiasm created a hot sales volume of 463 sets in and out of the field

in March of the same spring, in the beautiful port city of Xiamen, a Jiefang pilot/Port Tractor promotion meeting with 11 liter Xichai Aowei aircraft was held. On the same day, the trading volume quickly reached 212 units, and a new record of ordering 73 units was also achieved at the Chengdu Jiefang j6p pilot promotion meeting

it can be said that the Jiefang J6 pilot version equipped with Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine has been quickly recognized by the market and trusted by users with its distinctive product advantages, especially the world-class warranty standard of 100000 km long oil change of Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine, since it was launched on March 7 last year, providing a world-class high-speed and efficient "money making machine" for trunk logistics users

Lvdong core is well-known

the intangible value that the brand gives to the goods comes from the trust and recognition of consumers -

"choosing Jiefang j6m is to take a fancy to the high-end quality and outstanding fuel saving performance of Xichai Aowei 9-liter machine." In late February, the Xichai Aowei 9-liter · Jiefang j6m Hebei regional product promotion conference was also held in Shijiazhuang. On site users were enthusiastic about buying cars. The on-site trading volume rose to 260 units in a short time, and the off-site trading volume was 420 units, with a total trading volume of 680 units

the ancients said: the road is simple, and heaven and man are one. Jiefang j6m 6x2 tractor has been hailed as the "king of fuel economy" by users because of its use of Xichai 9-liter ca6dl2 fuel-efficient engine and the baptism of tests. With the advantages of safety, reliability, fuel saving and other products, it has won the trust of the majority of users

"the most prestigious heavy-duty engine on the market is Xichai Aowei engine." Jiefang jh6, which has a majestic appearance and is equipped with Xichai Aowei machine, is a domestic lightest high-end heavy truck launched by FAW Jiefang heavy truck. Its product positioning is higher than that of the existing Jiefang J6. This model is the first to launch the core technology of the engine, gearbox and rear axle in the industry, with an ultra long maintenance mileage of 100000 kilometers. As soon as it is listed, it has occupied its inherent advantages - February 28, The product promotion meeting of FAW Jiefang jh6 tractor loaded with Xichai Aowei machine was held in Hefei, Anhui Province, on the "coast of Chaohu Lake", and a new record of 284 vehicles was reached on the scene

"the use of orway 11 liter engine braking can make the driving process of j6p car, especially the heavy-duty downhill safer and lower fuel." On February 28, when the product promotion conference of j6p 6x4 High-power Tractor of liberated cold area version loaded with 11 liter Xichai Aowei was held in Changchun, the total trading volume instantly reached 201 units. On the same day, at the Xichai Aowei 11 liter Jiefang j6m truck product promotion conference held in Henan region, the on-site + outfield final transaction also reached 284 units

"the maintenance cycle of Xichai Aowei 11L machine is 100000 kilometers. Changing the lubricating oil saves time and money. We like it!"


facts have proved that "core" has always been the core of competition between cars. As the heart of liberating heavy trucks, Xichai Aowei engine has been absolutely recognized by users after years of market certification for its "6m" characteristics of "greater torque, longer life, stronger safety, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and stronger adaptability". In particular, Xichai Aowei engine adopts the world's most advanced four valve overhead camshaft structure and unique fcct combustion control technology to ensure sufficient air supply and sufficient fuel atomization; Inject the best amount of fuel at the best time and at the best spatial position of the combustion chamber to achieve the effect of complete combustion. The engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, which is favored by users

the green moving core blooms at multiple points

those who get the "heart" win the world

"from building leading products, to improving the marketing system, from enhancing service quality, to exploring development areas, Xichai people have established leading advantages in products, services, marketing and other aspects with a decisive and mature 'new thinking' this year." Since the new year, in addition to the strong growth momentum of engines in the leading sector, the off-road and other markets have also "blossomed at many points", and the product sales have increased all the way -

from January to March, the product sales in the off-road market have rapidly exceeded 20000 units, of which, there are more than 16 supporting manufacturers of tractor products in the third stage, and the sales have exceeded 550. What do you know about the quarterly protection and maintenance of universal material testing machines? What should relevant staff pay attention to? 0 set; In the small decoration sector, word-of-mouth effect has driven hot sales, and Xichai power has become a competitive product for small decoration brand manufacturers. In January, the sales volume quickly exceeded 10000 units; Xichai and agricultural harvesting machinery market support is showing a good momentum of increase. With excellent quality, it can also increase in-plane cutting with graphene from Xinjiang Xinyan and other countries. Mainstream manufacturers have completed the cooperative development of non road three-stage products, and become the new "engine" of the agricultural machinery sector. In January, Xichai obtained a large order of 130 non road three-stage products from Xinjiang Xinyan; Through years of joint efforts with brand manufacturers, the brand cooperation of forklift truck industry is getting better

strategic vision, innovative strategies, increasingly rich product lines, mature and leading technology, good market reputation... All these laid the foundation for Xichai to achieve a good start in the first quarter with high quality

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