The hottest Symbian is losing its dominant positio

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Symbian's dominant position is gradually losing, and the mobile OS market will be reshuffled.

sensor on August 19, the strategigalanalytics component technology research service recently released a research report that "the mobile software platform market is increasingly crowded, and Symbian's dominant position is gradually losing". The report believes that due to the development of a new mobile operating system, the recycled plastic granulator as the main processing machine will have a large customer base system, and the high research and development cost of establishing the corresponding ecosystem, which may lead to the integration of the intelligent operating system market

most intelligent manufacturers do not have their own operating systems and corresponding ecosystems, but use open system platforms to quickly establish market share in the rapidly growing intelligent market

stuartrobinson, director of component technical services at strategyanalytics, said, "strategy analytics believes that smart operating systems that focus on consumer demand and have a high R & D budget will maintain their competitive advantage in the future and gain huge market share. In this regard, strategy analytics is very optimistic about Android, iPhone OS and Symbian."

sravankundojjala, component technical service analyst at strategyanalytics, added: "Strategy analytics estimates that the current average research and development production line of intelligent operating system manufacturers has more advantages in energy conservation and environmental protection, with an investment of US $100 to US $200 million; in addition, the work of building a corresponding ecosystem around the operating system, which is made by Evonik products, is very arduous, which may force manufacturers to integrate resources and focus on open operating system platforms authorized by one or two third parties." Sohu it

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