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Sydney International Airport began to use full-body scanners for security checks

for low precision Sydney International Airport began to use full-body image scanners to carry out security checks on large-scale production passengers taking complex plastic parts of batteries from August 1. Australia's federal transport minister Albanese said the trial period of the instrument is three weeks

the use of this whole-body scanner for safety inspection is currently controversial in some international airports, because passengers will be exposed to radio waves and X-rays. At the same time, a privacy protection organization also condemned this, because passengers will display the whole body image when they are examined by the instrument, which involves privacy issues. The federal government said that the scanner showed the outline of the human body, and the privacy part would not be displayed, which could avoid controversy

Australian Federal transport minister Albanese also said that in view of the current world is not peaceful, we need new technology to help us solve the problem of inspection. The whole-body scanning instrument is very safe. The radiation emitted by the scanning instrument is much lower than that of the handheld, and passengers can be examined "very easily"

passengers are voluntary in this new full-body scanning instrument. Any passenger who does not want to undergo a full-body scanning examination can pass the standard examination procedure

it is believed that carton enterprises can be divided into three categories

it is reported that the next three powder areas; This whole-body scanning instrument will also be tested at Melbourne Airport next month

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