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Cigarette market: big article on small packaging (middle)

host: what I just talked about is the "progressiveness" of cigarette packaging materials and technology. How does Chinese cigarette packaging perform in art design

Chen guochuang: Domestic cigarette packaging design can be said to have different styles and distinct personalities. Let me give you a few examples that are more specific. First, extract the sample color from the lubricating oil and make a brief analysis. "Zhonghua", a typical representative of traditional works, has epoch-making significance. The red background is full and solemn, with a strong festive color. Once it was launched, other cigarette factories followed suit. The packaging of "Zhongnanhai" is also very distinctive. Its cultural content is very high. The cigarette case is white, blue and white, pure and elegant. The three characters "Zhongnanhai" are written by famous calligraphers. The effect is very good, which virtually improves the artistic value of "Zhongnanhai"

host: compared with foreign cigarettes, what are the overall characteristics of domestic cigarette packaging

chenguochuang: foreign cigarettes, mainly mixed cigarettes, mostly use simple design, elegant color and low-cost white cardboard, which is mainly to match their characteristics of low tar content and light taste. However, China's cigarettes are still mainly flue-cured cigarettes. The trademark design generally has both patterns and words, and the color is relatively thick and deep. Moreover, most of China's cigarette packaging now adopts laser technology, which costs more

people say that cigarettes are "over packaged"

host: when it comes to packaging costs, we have to talk about "over packaging". In recent years, the phenomenon of excessive waste of food packaging, such as moon cakes and health products, has become a common practice, and has been spared no effort by public opinion. The National Bureau has also attached great importance to the increase of three expenses of enterprises due to excessive packaging and advertising expenses of cigarettes

zhengfugang: the phenomenon of excessive cigarette packaging is mainly concentrated in high-grade cigarettes. Now, most high-grade hard box cigarette packaging uses laser technology, and its cost accounts for 25%-35% of the production cost. Some products also use sanding technology, which accounts for more than 40% of the production cost. This extravagant packaging has gone far beyond the functions of packaging, and packaging has evolved into a "sharp weapon" for enterprises to compete with each other and pursue high-end products. This continuous innovation first leads to serious cost exceeding the standard, which increases the burden on enterprises and consumers. Secondly, it leads to a great waste of materials and brings adverse effects on environmental protection. According to statistics, the weight of various packaging wastes in urban garbage has accounted for 1/3 of the annual discharge of solid wastes, and the volume has reached as much as 1/2, and is increasing at an alarming rate of 10% every year. From the perspective of social impact, "excessive packaging" will also encourage the unhealthy atmosphere of one-sided pursuit of luxury and objectively stimulate people's irrational consumption. The resulting social public opinion is not conducive to the tobacco industry to establish a good social image for the development of such materials

the technology and process standards required for cigarette packaging and printing in China are second only to RMB and securities

Qu Jun: before discussing the problem of "excessive packaging of cigarettes", it is necessary to define "excessive packaging". Theoretically, "over packaging" is a kind of commodity packaging with "excess" function and value, which is mainly manifested in the consumption of too many high-grade materials, too large packaging volume, luxury decoration and so on. Reasonable and appropriate packaging means that the function, benefit and cost of packaging are basically coordinated and balanced. What kind of "degree" is reasonable requires specific analysis according to different commodities and different uses

chenyoulin: the reason for the phenomenon of excessive packaging can not be attributed to the enterprise's pursuit of maximization of interests, because the packaging strategy adopted by the enterprise is inseparable from the degree of social, economic and cultural development, market competition environment, consumer demand and the provisions of relevant policies, laws and regulations. For example, if enterprises want to maximize their interests, it is impossible for them to ignore the market rules and the needs of consumers. Therefore, cigarette products are divided into five grades according to the target consumer groups. Among them, the target consumer groups of class I and class II high-end products pay more attention to the psychological experience of cigarette consumption because of their important social, political and economic status. Luxurious and exquisite packaging can meet their needs, and their economic ability can also bear the high price brought by high-end packaging. For consumers with a medium or lower standard of living, they buy cigarettes not for gifts, but for their own cigarettes. They usually buy middle and low-end products of less than three categories. Therefore, these products are packed in standard or economical packaging, and the price is controlled within the range acceptable to consumers

Qu Jun: it is certain that in terms of packaging, most manufacturers and products in China's tobacco industry are moderately packaged. This statement can be verified through the following two aspects: first, the materials of the single package packaging of most cigarette products from the inside to the outside are all functional needs, that is, the lining paper to avoid the loss of aroma, the paper box (20 pieces) to fix the shape and protect cigarettes, the film to prevent moisture and the pull wire to facilitate opening. As for the use of 10 small bags in a box and 50 cigarettes in a box, it is for the convenience of storage, transportation and measurement. Second, from the perspective of cost composition, the proportion of cigarette packaging cost in the total cost is not very large. In terms of large cases (50000 pieces), the total cost of high-grade cigarettes is about 4500 yuan, while the packaging cost is generally about 1500 yuan; The total cost of mid-range cigarettes is about 2500 yuan, and the packaging cost is usually 500 yuan. It can be seen that the approximate proportion between the packaging cost and the total cost of cigarettes is basically controlled between 1:3 and 1:5. Of course, there are also a very small number of aluminum boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, recycled cartons and other unusual packaging products, but those are mainly used for gift cigarettes

Moderator: you mentioned the proportion of packaging cost to production cost. As far as I know, although the state has legislated to say "no" to excessive packaging, for example, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which has been implemented since April 1 this year, has made mandatory provisions on producers' recycling packaging, but there is no quantitative standard to define whether commodities are over packaged at present. In this regard, is there any foreign experience that can be used for reference

zhengfugang: in foreign countries, many countries are very strict in the management of product packaging, requiring enterprises to control the packaging cost within a certain range, otherwise they will be punished by the government. For example, the new packaging guidelines formulated by the Japanese government clearly stipulates that the empty space of packaging shall not exceed 20% of the packaging volume, and the packaging cost shall not exceed 15% of the product sales price In South Korea, excessive packaging of goods is an illegal act, and the government will impose fines on the manufacturers of excessive packaging. The United States and Canada stipulate that if there are too many empty spaces in the package, the height and volume of the package and its contents are too different, or the packaging is non-technical, it will be deemed as fraudulent packaging, and the packaging processing fee will be charged by the government to the wholesaler. European governments have also formulated packaging laws, such as the circular economy law of Germany and the "green tax" system of Denmark

Qu Jun: there are three main control methods for excessive packaging in foreign countries: the first is standard control, that is, set limit standards for the volume of packaging, the gap between packaging and commodities, the number of packaging layers, and the ratio of packaging cost to commodity value; The second is economic control, such as levying packaging tax on non paper packaging and packaging that can not meet the recycling requirements, or guiding consumers to choose simple packaging through waste measurement and charging; The third is to increase the number of producers, which stipulates that commodity producers are responsible for recycling commodity packaging. Usually, deposit system can be used to entrust relevant commercial institutions to recycle packaging. In order to facilitate recycling, producers will take the initiative to choose packaging designs that use less materials and are easy to recycle

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