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CICA security has reached strategic cooperation with JD technology group to jointly promote security technology innovation

[CICA security] - [March 2, 2021] recently, CICA security signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as JD Technology) on the impact of the Spring Festival on production. The two sides will integrate cloud security, identity security, terminal security, advanced threat management, threat and integration of port resource intelligence, digital city and other security capabilities. At the same time, they will establish a joint product laboratory to jointly build a one-stop, all-round and intelligent digital security system for users. He Zheng, chairman of CICA security, Liu Yang, vice president of CICA security, Liu Zhengping, vice president of CICA security, Zeng Hua, vice president of JD group, Jin min, vice president of Industry Development Department of JD technology group, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony

at the signing ceremony, Hezheng, chairman of CICA security, said: at present, digitalization is changing human society with a thunderous momentum, and has become the core driving force to promote economic and social development, redefining the existing business development mode and lifestyle. JD has profound accumulation and leading technical advantages in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IOT and other cutting-edge technologies, providing services to many leading enterprises in the industry. This time, the two sides will focus on Digital City, new infrastructure and urban security through joint laboratories and the establishment of cloud security standards and ecology, jointly promote technological innovation and market expansion such as exhibition cloud, smart city, data Lake security, private cloud protection and edge computing, and further provide users with capability assignment in the fields of digital city and new infrastructure base security

at present, China's new infrastructure has accelerated, and the derived network attacks and threats are also growing in frequency and scope of influence. At the same time, the demand for network security continues to expand to emerging fields such as 5g, industrial interconnection, car service and smart city, providing new opportunities and space for the development of network security industry. In this context, the strategic cooperation between CICA security and JD technology will help to build a network security innovation community with synergy, complementarity and joint development, thus accelerating the network security industry to a new stage of higher level development

Zeng Hua, vice president of JD group, said: in 2020, a COVID-19 will bring the singularity of global economic digital transformation. China has comprehensively opened the prelude to new infrastructure with 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and industrial interconnection as the core. As the core base supporting the digital transformation of the new economy and society, the new infrastructure is regarded as the key to building scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading. CICA security has many years of industrial insight and digital service experience in the communication field, and has deep technical and industrial accumulation in the cloud and other fields. The in-depth cooperation between the two sides can be achieved from the bottom up. Tritan MXF 121 (copolyester) produced by Eastman chemicals in the United States: in addition to good toughness and durability, it forms a linkage and intelligent kinetic energy, forms an integrated security guarantee from transaction to service, and comprehensively assists users to build an active defense and in-depth defense system tightly coupled with business applications, so as to achieve the goal of escorting digital transformation

this strong cooperation has been given more expectations. In 2021, the first year of the 14th five year plan, the economic momentum behind the new infrastructure will be highlighted, and the network security closely related to the new infrastructure will usher in more and newer development opportunities under this tide. The cooperation between CICA security and JD technology can not only realize the complementary advantages of technology and industry, but also inject new impetus into the high but rapid growth of market performance of both sides

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