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Christmas gift list? Why don't you get on this list

Christmas gift list? Why don't you get on this list

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comes before Santa Claus. It is the list of awards of the lubtop2020 general review list I prepared for you. The background of the activity theme of the lubtop2020 general review list

under the epidemic situation of the century and the changes of the century, the new energy vehicle development plan of the 14th five year plan is put forward, and the industry is facing great changes. The arrival of the digital age will bring new enlightenment to the future development of the industry. New energy vehicles will be the prelude to a new round of automotive revolution. With the promotion of modifying the national six emission standards through supporting special compatible technologies, increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements are constantly driving the industry to develop in the direction of green environmental protection, leveraging the future of the automotive aftermarket. The new specifications and standards for oil products mean solutions with lower emissions and higher energy efficiency

lubtop2020 general evaluation list takes "great changes, smart future" as the theme. With the development of new energy vehicle technology, the guidance of energy-saving and emission reduction policies and the concept of green consumption, the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry is becoming a key force to promote sustainable economic development. As the "blood" flowing in industrial equipment, the lubricant industry is also facing opportunities and challenges brought by sustainable development. New trends give birth to new market opportunities. The lubricant and automotive aftermarket industries will take on the important task of continuously releasing new green momentum for China's economic development. The upgrading of oil products and maintenance services will open up new blue ocean markets for the industry

looking into the future, the development of the lubricating oil industry in the digital era will be a competition of comprehensive energy efficiency. The dividends of new infrastructure, double circulation and double infrastructure construction will bring greater demand for lubrication, and also put forward more diversified requirements for lubricating oil. The "comprehensive energy efficiency" lubrication and green development with the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection, quality improvement and efficiency increase as the core will lead the innovation and change of industry technology, products and business models

opportunities are hidden in challenges. Each leading brand, which is forging ahead, is rewriting the rules with innovation, ensuring the stability of the controller with products and solutions of higher manufacturing level and more scientific and technological content, and continuously upgrading services to meet customer needs, promoting the sustainable development of the industry with new momentum and leading the wave of industrial change

the spring blossoms and the autumn bears fruit. Excellence and excellence will eventually reap the "glory of the king"

lubtop2020 general evaluation list award cobalt belongs to the new upgrading of associated minerals

new situation, new domestic products, new technology and new energy. How "new" is the lubtop2020 general evaluation list award

lubtop general evaluation list - "Oscar of the year" in the lubricant and automotive aftermarket industry

lubtop annual general evaluation list has become a national evaluation activity with great scale and influence in the lubricant and automotive aftermarket industry. It is widely recognized by the industry as an "Oscar of the year" in the lubricant industry led by international giants, with the participation of well-known Chinese independent brands and the realization of cross-border integration. It is an authoritative endorsement of brand quality and industry status

lubtop2020 general evaluation list organizing committee

teacher Zhu

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start date: December 18, 2020

the energy used accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy

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