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Cigarette packaging must be marked with CO content, and tar content shall not exceed 15 mg

. The provisions of the state tobacco monopoly administration on regulating the labeling of cigarette packaging for domestic sales has been officially released recently. From April 1 next year, domestic cigarettes must be marked with carbon monoxide content, otherwise they will not be sold on the market

at present, except that some brands of cigarettes have begun to rectify the packaging, the products of most cigarette enterprises in China are not labeled with carbon monoxide

the regulations also require that the amount of tar marked on the cigarette package shall not exceed 15 mg; The cigarette package shall be marked with the product name; The product name and other product identifications on the package shall be in standard Chinese, and Chinese pinyin or foreign language may be used at the same time, but the Chinese pinyin and foreign language shall be smaller than the corresponding Chinese; It is not allowed to use the efficacy description terms of cigarette components such as "health care", "curative effect", "safety", "environmental protection" and "low hazard" on the cigarette package and in the attached instructions; Do not use "light taste", "super light taste", "soft" and other cigarette quality descriptions; The terms "low tar", "low tar" and "low tar content" shall not be used; It is strictly prohibited to use extreme terms such as "ball screw action product of polar electronic universal testing machine", "best", "gold medal" and "waste plastic recycling turns into environmental friendly 3D printing materials, which are highly promoted

information source: Haide realizes the distribution prediction of in car VOCs at the level of molding materials Xia Metropolis Daily

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