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Cidpex2020 sanitary equipment exhibition area: intelligent customization, high speed and stability

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sanitary equipment exhibition area

the diaper equipment promoted by Jiangsu Jinwei group highlights the flexibility and intelligence, pays attention to the personalized needs of customers, and responds to the serious problems of market homogeneity at present. The equipment adds a remote control module to realize diversified control. Optimize the design details of the equipment according to the customer's usage habits and feedback, truly humanized, and make the equipment easy to open, use and operate

the adult incontinence pants/menstrual pants production line of Jinhu Sanmu Machinery Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd. uses the latest electronic cam technology to quickly switch from the minimum waistline to the maximum waistline, and adopts a unique first cutting process. The product provides traders with e-commerce platform and beautiful fitting, ultrasonic side waist sewing technology, etc., and realizes the functions of one machine with multiple functions, flexible switching between high waist and low waist, with strong compatibility, It meets various market demands and greatly reduces investment and production costs

Zhejiang xinyuhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has made a major technological breakthrough in the production line of sanitary napkin strip bag. The static folding of sanitary napkin straight bag and the stripping and folding design of strip bag can meet the product needs of different customers. The company has also developed a 1000 piece/minute high-speed mask machine

Guangzhou beixiaode Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited the latest independent research and development achievements in 2020 for the first time: the whole chain tracing intelligent packing system. We have to advance the stacking system all the time. Erp/mes/anti fleeing goods service pulling machine/on-site data acquisition and inkjet tracing/intelligent packing and stacking system can realize 24-hour "uninterrupted production, high precision, repeated positioning accuracy up to 0.05mm, high safety, multiple emergency stop circuits, and external emergency stop, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce scrap rate, and realize intelligent packing and stacking unmanned operation

Quanzhou Chuangda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has launched a full-automatic intelligent wet towel equipment, a full servo control system, which can be remotely controlled to eliminate faults, remove material joints, a stain detection system, remove hair, stains and other waste products, a motion control system, high-speed energy saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance

Xiamen Jiachuang Technology Co., Ltd. mainly demonstrated the high-speed sanitary napkin packaging machine to achieve a single channel packaging speed of 120 packets/minute; At the same time, a new high-speed packing machine series has been launched, which has realized the overall solutions of sanitary napkin/diaper rear section slicing, packaging, packing and stacking, reducing labor, reducing costs and improving production efficiency for customers

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