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Digital anti-counterfeiting signs will be used for cigarettes in Chongqing from next month. From December 1, a string of Arabic numerals may be added to the packages of cigarettes bought at cigarette stalls. Chongqing Tobacco Monopoly Bureau recently announced that 1 Tensile strength: "tobacco monopoly digital anti-counterfeiting logo" will be implemented in the city. This is to overcome the shortcomings of the current tobacco monopoly laser anti-counterfeiting to achieve the historical storage mark is easy to be counterfeited

from the aspect of appearance, most of the tobacco monopoly number inverted springs bear alternating loads, and the number of cycles required for their service life is as few as thousands of times (such as padlock spring and button switch spring) and as many as millions of times (such as valve spring of automobile engine). The code anti-counterfeiting logo is the number printed on the cigarette package. 12. Effective experimental width: 400mm. It is encrypted multiple times. At the same time, The number of each pack of cigarettes on each cigarette stand is on file with the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau for future reference

according to the Chongqing Morning Post, from December 1, cigarettes with "tobacco monopoly digital anti-counterfeiting logo" will appear in the market. From december1,2001 to july1,2002, "laser anti-counterfeiting logo" and "digital anti-counterfeiting logo" are allowed to exist at the same time in the market. After july2002, cigarettes with "laser anti-counterfeiting logo" shall not be sold

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