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Chongqing water pump: never stop, contributing to the real localization of nuclear power equipment

on January 6, the industry common basic research project - "Research on plunger sealing technology of nuclear power reciprocating pump", independently initiated by Chongqing Heavy pump company, passed the mid-term review of national industry experts jointly organized by China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association. Huang Li, President of China General Machinery Industry Association, independently initiated the industry common basic research project - "Research on plunger sealing technology of nuclear reciprocating pump", which was independently initiated by the heavy pump company on January 6, and passed the mid-term review of national industry experts jointly organized by China Machinery Industry Association and China General Machinery Industry Association

the Chinese general machine can automatically stop the experiment when it meets the requirements; Huang Li, chairman of the Machinery Industry Federation, presided over the meeting in person. Experts from the national nuclear power, machinery, sealing and other related disciplines formed the review committee. Sunchangjiang, a famous expert in China's nuclear power pump industry, and Professor Tangqian of Chongqing University served as the leader and deputy leader of the expert group respectively. The experts witnessed the operation test of the project's basic testing machine and the prototype of the nuclear power reciprocating pump, and listened to the report on the research results of the project group, Relevant technical documents were consulted. The experts seriously inquired about the phased achievements, and the participating leaders, experts and researchers of the project team had a detailed and enthusiastic discussion. The expert group agreed that the basic commonness research project of the industry was a pioneering research in the domestic industry, and systematically carried out the multi factor research and prototype verification test affecting the sealing performance of the packing. The phased achievements of the research were helpful to improve the service life of the reciprocating packing seal and ensure the reliability of the nuclear power reciprocating pump Stable operation is of great significance

the expert group put forward many valuable suggestions for the follow-up research of the project. The project research group said that it should carefully analyze these suggestions, implement them into the follow-up improvement and further research, focus on the simulation of plunger packing seal that has never been carried out in the industry, and establish the theoretical analysis model of plunger seal of reciprocating pump. At the same time, In order to thoroughly solve the pain points caused to users by the leakage of the nuclear power reciprocating charging pump during the continuous operation of the experimental machine, Mr. Li learned, the follow-up simulation test will be carried out according to the actual medium conditions of the project, and strive to solve the common problem of the reciprocating pump sealing reliability as soon as possible

the research on the mechanism of reciprocating plunger seal is very deficient in China. The reciprocating nuclear power plunger pump seal conveying radioactive medium has become a key technical bottleneck restricting the performance improvement of nuclear reciprocating pump. As a leading enterprise in the domestic reciprocating pump manufacturing industry and the only enterprise in China with nuclear secondary positive displacement pump design and manufacturing qualification, the heavy pump company independently initiated a project to carry out common basic research in the industry, It reflects the details and responsibilities of "national enterprises can compare with the traditional market grade as a reference, or even perform better to some extent, as a technology center" and "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise", and never stops short breaks in solving the key technologies of national major equipment, so as to contribute to the real localization of nuclear power equipment. (Guowei, technical center)

the company won the title of national advanced machinery collective

recently, the Ministry of human resources and social security and China Machinery Industry Federation announced the list of honoring national advanced collectives, labor models and advanced workers in the machinery industry. The heavy pump company was listed on the list and won the title of advanced collective in the national machinery industry. Only three enterprises in Chongqing won this honor

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