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Mingyaju focuses on the production and research and development of wooden doors, and hopes to endow each wooden door with natural spirituality. It always adheres to the heart of a craftsman and pays attention to "soul" in things, even if it is subtle, it should be carefully carved

in China's unique architectural culture,

doors are regarded as the symbol of the image of the mansion and the level of the residents.

Architecture starts from the door, and has a unique cave.

craftsmen cherish the feelings of craftsmen who reach the ultimate perfection.

take architecture as the language

talk about the unique understanding and perception of wooden doors

as an influential wooden door enterprise,

famous elegant residence, Focus on the production and research and development of wooden doors

hope to endow every wooden door with natural spirituality

always adhere to the heart of a craftsman

note "soul" in things

even the subtle parts should be carefully carved

mingyaju wooden doors

pursue beauty and perfection

do not allow the existence of any defect

this extreme demand for perfection

is the ingenuity character accumulated for several years

is flowing in the blood

the strong are always strong, Accumulation


starts from the beginning, and puts ingenuity

mingyaju wooden doors are committed to creating high-quality wooden doors with the heart of craftsman

not only to give you a private space

but also to provide you with a healthy and warm home living space

choose mingyaju, choose a quality life

quiet quality choice, convenient and reassuring

more than mute, More quiet

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