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Caimi Brevetti furniture, an imported furniture brand from Europe - Italian home was founded in 1949. Caimi Brevetti is one of the leading manufacturers of design oriented furniture and accessories in the office and customized furniture market. CAIMI BREVETTIS. p. A. the guiding ideology of the activities is based on the latest achievements of scientific and technological research, based on experiments, pursuing innovation and inheriting the process and technical experience accumulated by the company over the past 65 years: hundreds of patented products have witnessed our attention to original design and innovative projects

modern simple living room dining table and chair

modern simple living room dining table and chair

modern simple living room dining table and chair

caimi Brevetti's products have high recognition; Its design, technology and linetype are mature and exquisite, while expressing the concept of industrial design that combines form and function perfectly. Retain the characteristics of product combination, diversity, flexibility and fine material selection in batch flow production

modern style office bookshelves, office desks and chairs

modern style office bookshelves, office desks and chairs

excellent customer service, advanced logistics, comprehensive fields, perfect after-sales care and communication strategies have made Caimi Brevetti a success in the world. Caimi Brevetti is a founding member of the ADI Foundation (Fondazione dell' associazione per il disegno industrial)

Caimi Brevetti has provided a wide range of products since 1949. These products focus on technological innovation, and their shapes and materials are original. Many patents applied by the company over the years are the best proof. At the beginning, the company mainly focused on the home and community furniture accessories market and developed hundreds of different products. Some of them have become true classics so far

modern style living room bookshelves

modern simple and fashionable living room side cabinets and bookshelves

later, they expanded their business scope to the real furniture field, and their product range includes modular office closet, home closet and shopping mall container, as well as chairs in waiting room, company reception room and aviation waiting room. The furniture accessories and accessories department is still an important part of their business, which has been growing and developing in combination with current trends and the latest information technology




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