Shangnan Lianhuatai hydropower station is official

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Shangnan Lianhuatai hydropower station was officially put into operation on November 12, after three owners and four governments, and carrying the expectation of 240000 Shangnan people, Lianhuatai hydropower station was officially put into operation

Lianhuatai hydropower station is the leading hydropower station of Shaanxi water affairs group in the cascade hydropower development project in the main stream of Danjiang River. It is also the largest water conservancy construction project of the group at present. It is also an industrial poverty alleviation project determined by the provincial poverty Alleviation Office and the provincial SASAC. The power station is located in Lianhuatai village, Xianghe Town, Shangnan county. The dam height of the power station is 70.2 meters, the total storage capacity is 99.85 million cubic meters, the total installed capacity is 40000 kW, and the average annual power generation is about 110million kwh

in 2006, the project started construction, and experienced three stoppages in 10 years. As a member of the ninth joint force group of the provincial SASAC for poverty alleviation, after taking over the project, Shaanxi water affairs group carefully planned the Lianhuatai hydropower station, an industrial poverty alleviation project, and started the resumption of construction of Lianhuatai hydropower station on September 29, 2017. The total processing cycle of the project is significantly shorter than that of the original 12 hours of pre immersion and 3 hours of RTM process. During the construction of the project, many difficulties such as complex handover procedures, many remaining problems and the development of bedrock dissolution layer have been overcome. On January 10, 2019, the main body of the dam will be capped successfully; On August 30, 2019, the rare karst fault geology in China achieved a complete success through the Deep Grouting of three-layer gallery for two years; On July 19, 2020, the Danjiang Lianhuatai hydropower station in Shangnan County passed the final acceptance of the provincial resettlement project. On August 14, it officially passed the acceptance of sluice impounding. At present, it has been impounded to an elevation of 288.5m. It took Shaanxi water group less than three years to complete the project and generate electricity

it is understood that with the formal and power generation of Lianhuatai hydropower station, jinhuawan hydropower station and Yueliangwan hydropower station located at the downstream of Lianhuatai hydropower station will also resume construction. At that time, a cascade dispatching power station with a total installed capacity of 64000 kW will be formed. The hydropower company also plans to issue a progress announcement on the commissioning of its joint-stock subsidiary, Australian rim, in the three Ganfeng lithium industries. The hydropower station promotes centralized control and unattended operation. Relying on nearly 10000 mu of water surface in the reservoir area of Lianhuatai hydropower station, it will build a Lianhua Lake Water Conservancy Scenic spot, continuously release the economic driving force, create employment opportunities, and increase social benefits. The significant improvement will be due to the increase of the viscosity of colloidal bridge, the local ecological environment, travel conditions The living and employment conditions of residents make new contributions to the sound and rapid development of county economy and society

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