Genesys performance gene map helps enterprises imp

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Genesys performance gene map helps enterprises improve business performance and operation level

in 2016, Genesys conducted a market research on its customers and a wide range of labor optimization markets. More than 300 enterprises of all walks of life and sizes from APAC, EMEA and North America participated in the research. The research shows that the focus of enterprises is changing to employee engagement

how to provide a consistent customer experience? How to ensure that employees manage the balance between work and life autonomously? How to improve the first contact resolution rate of customers by changing the rotating speed of electromechanical devices? How to improve the efficiency and satisfaction of employees is a problem that every enterprise has to think about

with Genesys performance DNA, there is no need to worry about these problems, and it will no longer be difficult to improve business performance and operation level:

genesys performance DNA helps history creating heroes, helps enterprises identify, analyze and copy the skills, knowledge and characteristics of excellent employees, and shortens the employee performance gap through the integration of performance management functions

genes performance DNA improves the speed of new and existing employees' rapid competence and employee engagement, so as to provide better customer experience and reduce costs

genes performance DNA improves employee engagement and helps employees tap their real potential. Through clear performance objectives, career prospects and personalized training guidance, improve employee engagement and reduce friction

watch the following wonderful video to see how Genesys performance DNA helps you realize the above benefits


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