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Genesys commended excellent partners at the Asia Pacific partners' conference

genesys commended excellent partners at the Asia Pacific partners' conference

-- announced to expand and strengthen the Asia Pacific partners' network, otherwise it would easily cause machine failure and personal injury

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Beijing, March 15, 2017 -- Genesys (), the global leader in Omni channel customer experience (Cx) and contact center solutions, recently commended the best partner of 2016 at its annual Asia Pacific Partner Conference. Genesys Asia Pacific partners conference was held in the gold coast of Australia on February, 2017

the genesys2016 Asia Pacific best partner award was won by:

Australia and New Zealand: veridian solutions and datacom services

Greater China: Yixun China Co., Ltd.

India: CS Infocomm PVT. Co., Ltd.

Japan: NEC Corp. and Itochu techno solutions Corp.

South Korea: Netcom solution Co., Ltd.

Southeast Asia: HP company

Asia Pacific: dimension data

Michael slip, general manager of the Australian customer experience and collaboration business unit of dimension data, said: we are very pleased to be awarded the 2016 Asia Pacific best performing Partner Award by Genesys. Dimension data and Genesys have a history of global cooperation for more than 20 years. During this period, we worked together to complete many major projects, which brought first-class results to customers in the Asia Pacific region. Genesys is our important business partner. We are committed to achieving common growth in various markets. We look forward to better cooperation in the future

in addition, due to the participation of new partners in the Asia Pacific region and the continuous emergence of more potential partners in the region. Genesys also announced at the partner conference that it would expand its Asia Pacific partner network

the expansion of the partner network means that Genesys and its partners can provide complete customer interaction solutions for enterprises of all sizes in the Asia Pacific region. Solutions can be tailored to customers' specific needs, and complementary product portfolios can be provided, such as unified communication and collaboration tools

by joining the Genesys partner network, the enterprise will continue to grow, and can obtain the tools, training and support of Genesys, improve the operation efficiency, and finally improve the profitability

in addition to expanding the partner network, Genesys has also improved the function of the partner network, making it easier for partners to carry out business cooperation with Genesys

keith budge, senior vice president of Genesys Asia Pacific region, said: Genesys' growth in Asia Pacific region is encouraging, which has promoted the expansion of Genesys partner ecosystem. In order to better support the expansion, we have created a unique category of technologies, services and business partners with high transparency, excellent mechanical properties, high thermal deformation temperature and natural halogen-free flame retardancy throughout the project. Partners can get more convenient support and many other benefits

genesys currently has more than 1000 partners worldwide, providing many mature technologies for Genesys' customer interaction solutions, ensuring the successful deployment of Genesys solutions and bringing excellent support and services. For more information about Genesys partner networks, click:

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