In 2017, Xinjiang highway construction strives to

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In 2017, Xinjiang highway construction will strive to complete an investment of 200billion yuan

2017 Xinjiang highway construction will strive to complete an investment of 200billion yuan

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yesterday, it was learned from the video conference on accelerating the construction of transportation infrastructure projects in the autonomous region that the construction projects planned to start this year will build 7292 kilometers of expressways (including 6096 kilometers of newly built highways and 1196 kilometers of reconstructed and expanded highways), 10311 kilometers of ordinary national and provincial highways, 41800 kilometers of rural roads and TESE township roads, and 22900 kilometers of resource roads and tourist roads

at the same time, during the "13th five year plan" period, we will strive to complete the investment of 1trillion yuan in transportation infrastructure construction, of which the total investment in expressways is about 478.7 billion yuan, the total investment in national and provincial roads is about 208.8 billion yuan, the total investment in rural roads, characteristic township roads, resource roads, tourism roads, local special roads, border patrol roads and other roads is about 412.3 billion yuan, and the total investment in passenger and freight transport stations is about 56.6 billion yuan

gaojianghuai, Secretary of the Party committee of the Department of transport of the autonomous region, introduced that the construction of transport infrastructure projects in the autonomous region will focus on the implementation of five major projects, namely "smooth connection of expressways, upgrading and improving the quality of national and provincial trunk lines, warming the hearts and benefiting the people of rural roads, strengthening the border and rejuvenating the border connectivity guarantee, and improving the quality of transport services". The construction of transport infrastructure projects in the autonomous region will focus on increasing the road density and access depth of new roads, supplemented by upgrading, transformation and capacity expansion, Focusing on opening up the three major North, central and South channels and the major South-North Xinjiang channels that support the "the Belt and Road" strategy, we actively build a comprehensive transportation network that "connectivity forming conditions: the highest injection pressure of 178mpa, centralized centers and multi-level spokes are the most important, wide coverage, smooth connection, safe operation and high-quality service"

Gao Jianghuai said that Xinjiang will strive to build the main framework of ten thousand kilometers of expressways by the end of the 13th five year plan, realize the access to expressways in counties, oil roads in villages and hardened roads in villages, and greatly improve the traffic capacity and service level of Xinjiang roads. The proposed G315 Ruoqiang Minfeng class II Highway in Xinjiang has a total length of 531.378 kilometers and a design speed of 80 kilometers per hour

recently, the official station of the environmental protection department of the autonomous region posted the first public participation announcement on the environmental impact assessment of the Ruoqiang Minfeng highway construction project of G315. According to the publicity, the starting point of the project is about 9km to the north of Ruoqiang county and 1km to the south of the safety checkpoint of national highway 218; The terminal is about 5km to the west of Yuhu bridge in Minfeng County

the total length of the project is 531.378km, with some reconstructed and some newly built. Among them, 8.5 km is the use of the existing G315 secondary road (Qiemo transit), 24.7 km is the reconstruction of the existing G315 tertiary road to secondary road (Qiemo transit), and the remaining 498.2 km is the new secondary road

the subgrade is 13.25m wide and the design speed is 80km/h. In addition, the publicity shows that the estimated total amount of the project is 7172.267042 million yuan. The main quantities include 15 large and medium-sized bridges, 49 small bridges, 243 culverts, 57 channels through cooperation with Siemens, 24 channel bridges, 7 separated interchanges, 5 parking lots and 6 service areas (6 maintenance work areas and 4 treatment super stations are built at the same site)

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