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Shandong opens container sea rail intermodal transport business from Qingdao to Russia

recently, Shandong Province officially opened the container sea rail intermodal transport business from Qingdao to Russia. The most important and longest sensor failure is the overload of experimental force. Since then, goods from Shandong Province and Northern China can enter the Russian, other CIS countries and European markets more conveniently

in recent years, bilateral trade between China and Russia has achieved rapid development, exceeding US $20 billion in 2004. Our province has become an important area for Sino Russian trade, and Qingdao port has become an important port. This time, Shandong Yongsheng international freight company signed a cooperation agreement with Russia Siberia international transportation company. The former will transfer the containers to Russia through Qingdao port as a carrier, do a good job in material compliance management, and then complete the whole freight process through the new Siberia electrified high-speed railway connecting Europe and Asia, which can greatly shorten the transportation time

information source: Yantai

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