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Sepawa 2009: Wacker exhibited a new powdered antifoaming agent based on organosilicon

Wacker chemical group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, will exhibit a new organosilicon antifoaming agent for detergent at the 56th sepawa science and technology conference held in vilzburg from October 14 to 16, 2009. This white powdered additive is marketed under the brand silfoam sp150, which can control the formation of foam in a wide temperature range. In addition, it has excellent fluidity and processability rdquo; Energy and high bulk density. There is no additive containing starch in the formula of silfoam sp150, so the product can not be eliminated by fax or email, so it is widely used

silfoam SP 150, a new silicone antifoam of Wacker silicone, can effectively control the formation of foam in a very large temperature range

silfoam SP 150 is a powdered organosilicon antifoam, which can continuously and effectively inhibit the production of foam. Its function can almost meet the relevant national and international standards, regardless of temperature: it can effectively control the production of foam in the low temperature range, and this effect will not be weakened after the temperature rises. Therefore, silfoam SP 150 is suitable for detergents prepared for low washing temperature and detergents suitable for all temperatures

silfoam SP 150 is versatile and flexible. It can be used alone or together with soap as an additive to control foam. A large number of powdered detergent formulations with different properties can be used in combination with this antifoam agent. As an all-round defoaming agent, silfoam SP 150 is also applicable to other powdered products that bubble when dissolved or used, such as granular cleaners or plant protectants

this antifoam agent is very simple and convenient to use. In most cases, 0 5% silfoam SP 150 is sufficient. If it needs to be measured accurately or the dosage is small, it can be mixed with sodium sulfate or other carriers before use. Silfoam SP 150 has good storage stability. When stored in sealed original containers, if the temperature does not exceed 30 ℃, the product will still fully maintain its effectiveness after 12 months

welcome to wacker's booth 18a at the 56th sepawa science and technology conference to see the picture as a cost-effective nylon material concept

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