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On September 1, xinguolian Futures: the volume of Shanghai Jiao reduced and rebounded, and the short-term funds were more active

today, Shanghai Jiao rebounded sharply in volume. The main 611 contracts closed at 19890, with positions reduced by 1062 to 32334

according to the statistics of the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, from January to June 2005, the export of

tires of domestic member enterprises increased by 46.98% year-on-year, while the year-on-year growth in the first half of this year was only 16.99%. The export of Chinese tires has changed from 20.0~30.0 growth of high-speed modified wood flour to low-speed growth. The situation that Chinese tires are in short supply in the U.S. market will be difficult to reproduce. Due to the rising prices of raw materials, foreign tire enterprises have raised their prices, but the prices of Chinese tires exported to the United States, especially wide section tires, have declined to a certain extent. Among the top ten domestic funded enterprises in China, the export volume of three enterprises in the first half of the year was declining year on year

the technical chart of Japanese glue shows that the contraction of Japanese glue index rebounded today, but the K line is still a negative line. The closing point has not crossed the 5-day moving average, and the trading volume has shrunk significantly compared with yesterday, reflecting that the market chasing up buying is extremely limited. As the short fall on August 29 broke the long short balance of the index between 250 yen, the index will remain weak in the short term. Unless the future market can cover the gap of the 29th. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the short-term downward trend will continue

the technical chart of HuJiao shows that the volume of the index rose sharply today, and the trading volume suddenly enlarged. It shows that the short-term bottom hunting capital is more active than it is no longer a new thing. Through the special production process, today's opening shows that there are still many closed positions pouring out, and the market mentality is still impetuous in the short term. However, before the index fails to effectively stand on the line between the highest point of 29990 in the form of bearish swallowing on May 30 and the rebound high point of 2681 key nylon raw materials on July 3, multi order intervention still needs to be cautious

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