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Sensor China 2018 leads the new direction of sensing, with a variety of project docking highlights

according to a latest report by marketsandmarkets, a market research institution, the global IOT sensor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 33.6% from 2018 to 2023, and the revenue scale will increase from $5.28 billion in 2018 to $22.48 billion by 2023. The report points out several factors driving market growth, including the increasing number of sensors used in IOT emerging markets due to size reduction, cost reduction and technological progress; Introduction of 3GPP release 13 and release 14; The growth of interconnection penetration; Connection and wearable devices have high demand for sensors, etc

IOT is becoming the hotspot of new technologies and the engine of economic growth in the world. At the time of the vigorous development of IOT and sensors, the convening of sensor China, which will be held in Shanghai International Procurement Exhibition Center from September 10 to 12, is an important measure to show the current situation of the industry and further promote the development of sensors. Sensor China is guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, CO sponsored by China sensor and IOT Industry Alliance (SIA) and Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. and supported by the national intelligent sensor innovation center. The exhibition brings together domestic and foreign sensor industry chain enterprises, and takes the project docking meeting as the venue, aiming to promote the healthy development of the sensor industry and promote domestic and foreign technical exchanges and business cooperation

heavy guests attended to help sensor China build the most professional sensing event

the smart sensor industry map jointly released by the China Academy of communications and communications and the China high end chip alliance pointed out that China has initially formed an industrial spatial pattern of agglomeration and development in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, the Bohai rim and the central and western regions. As one of the central cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has vigorously developed the sensor industry in recent years, forming a perfect and effective mechanism in policy formulation, industry introduction and enterprise support

sensor China is based in Shanghai, the central city of the Yangtze River Delta, radiating across the country and linking the world. This year, it welcomed the selection of ADC0809 chip It is a CMOS data collection device. 200 + enterprises from industry clusters such as Europe and Asia will participate in the exhibition. Heavy guests at home and abroad, such as Wang Xi, vice chairman of the China Association for science and technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chu Junhao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Xiao, chairman of the national intelligent sensor innovation center, Peter Krause, chairman of the German Sensor Technology Association (AMA), will also be invited to deliver speeches on the development status and future trends of the sensor industry

at the same time, the four highlight exhibition areas of this exhibition are eye-catching: at present, the most popular visual sensor special areas are Rui Dianshi, Xi praseodymium Ruisi, Ju You intelligent, etc., which can calculate the value of the work consumed in the punching sample according to the above formula to the manufacturer's platform; In recent years, the pressure, temperature and flow sensor zone, which has been steadily expanding in scale, has gathered e+h, Nanjing wotian, Zhongxing measurement and control, derson, Mingyu sensors, etc; The overseas exhibition area displaying international technology will invite 20 international manufacturers such as beanair GmbH, EC sense and ist AG to participate in the exhibition; Tsinghua Jiuhao industrial ecosystem exhibition group is jointly displayed by 18 enterprises and institutions led by Beijing Jiuhao. Beijing Jiuhao is a domestic advanced MEMS sensor signal conditioning chip design company. Beijing Jiuhao will show its products in ultra-low power digital analog hybrid integrated circuit design, very low power RF integrated circuit design, low power SoC system design Strong strength in RFID system and chip design and professional application software development

in order to fully tap the value of sensors, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain must work together to promote market development. Sensor China is committed to providing a platform for cooperation and exchange between sensor manufacturers and application end manufacturers to accelerate the implementation of industrial applications

in the same period, the summit forum created three highlights and led the new direction of technological innovation.

in order to show the overall picture of the sensor industry in multiple dimensions, sensor China Exhibition supported more than 10 high-end forums in the same period. This forum is rich in content, and has invited leading manufacturers in the field of sensors and communication technology to bring you in-depth industry development thinking and innovative ideas. Three highlights of the Forum:

first, the forum focuses on the current mainstream sensing technology. The application of face recognition technology in and cars has expanded the demand space for 3D sensing. At the 3D vision technology and Application Forum, sensor China will invite experts to make a profound analysis and bold prediction of the current situation and future of 3D sensing. In addition, pressure, gas, environment and magnetic sensors have a long history of development, and there is an urgent need to expand emerging markets. At the pressure sensor innovation industry forum, the environment (gas) sensor industry summit forum and the magnetic sensor industry summit forum, industry experts will discuss the technical trend, the professional expression of pressure testing machine manufacturers and emerging applications

second, emerging sensing materials face special applications. Facing more and more special applications, the market needs new sensors with the characteristics of transparency, flexibility, extension, free bending and even folding, portability, wearability and so on. Flexible materials came into being on this basis. The flexible electronic technology innovation forum focuses on flexible materials and devices, and invites experts from Changzhou printing and Electronics Industry Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suda Weige Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and Huizhou shuobaid Wireless Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch to deliver speeches, which is academic and forward-looking, and contains unlimited business opportunities

third, the participating enterprises are very representative. The forum attracted enterprises from the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as sensor manufacturers, algorithm manufacturers and many terminal manufacturers. At the same time, the forum fully reflects the characteristics of internationalization, with representatives from Europe and Asia participating

this forum has a strong lineup and rich content. The number of participants is expected to reach more than 2000. The high specification, large scale and far-reaching impact will further promote the development of China's sensor industry

high specification special project matchmaking meeting to promote the in-depth cooperation of the industrial chain and the transformation of achievements

sensor China has been committed to establishing a platform for cooperation and exchange between enterprises and scientific research institutions, taking market application as the orientation, combining industry, University and research, strengthening technical exchanges, and promoting the connection of project needs and the transformation of achievements

in recent years, sensor China has established a deep communication mechanism with many sensor manufacturers. In order to provide an accurate and efficient dialogue platform for cross industry enterprises, sensor China will hold a special project docking meeting between sensors and IOT on September 12. At that time, user enterprises from industries, equipment, electricity, automobiles, robots, home appliances, IOT and other fields will be invited to the site for face-to-face communication. At present, the announced project requirements are as follows: force sensors for serving the robot industry; Gas sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and pressure sensors for the power industry; Used for voltage equalizer and smoke sensor in heavy trucks

sensors are the basis for the control of smart home control system. With the development of technology, it should be noted that the setting of thermal couple should be consistent with the actual type and the polarity of thermocouple wire should not be reversed. More and more sensors are used in smart home system. With the help of sensor China's professional docking platform, Haier, a domestic first-line smart home brand, has set up a special docking session for Haier projects. In Haier's air conditioners, ovens, microwave ovens and refrigerators, temperature sensors that need to judge the temperature distribution in the space in a non-contact way; A large number of gas detection sensors are needed in refrigerators, toilets, disinfection cabinets and range hoods; Emerging sensor requirements, such as visual sensors for food in and out box recognition in refrigerators and human position recognition in air conditioners; At the same time, there are also sensor docking requirements for wind pressure detection, humidity detection, vibration detection and RF detection

in addition, the professional sensor service platform buydao sensor will work with the technology of famous sensor companies such as autonix, Otis automation, bormeng, Bernstein, Schneider sensor, Sitte, efumen, Zhiheng microelectronics, and share their experience on application cases, product technology, and market channels. The content topics cover the key technologies of sensors, such as top-level laser displacement sensor CDX, non-contact safety sensors for smart factories, the application level, such as the application of RFID sensors in the logistics industry, and the development trend of sensors, such as the exploration and development path of domestic photoelectric sensors

in addition, there are rich forms of project matchmaking meetings, as well as Tsinghua semiconductor alumni intelligent manufacturing industry exchange project matchmaking meetings to create sensor China industry university research integration label. The project docking meeting is an important activity of sensor China, which aims to provide efficient display platforms and in-depth docking channels for sensor manufacturers and application end manufacturers at home and abroad

as a sensor event with international influence, sensor China will welcome global sensor manufacturers and communication enterprises to participate in the exhibition and conference, condense the core strength of sensors, and create an excellent platform for sensor technology and case display. At the same time, match high-level forums and activities to further promote the vigorous development of the sensor industry

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