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Sensors will play an important role in the field of intelligent transportation and machinery

transportation is not only an important content of urban planning and land use, but also the support of urban daily operation, but also the support of people's life and work. The national new urbanization plan (2014-2020) clearly puts forward that urbanization construction should take a smart, green and low-carbon road. For transportation, its experimental speed is not low, it only needs to build more infrastructure, but also needs to apply high technology to improve efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, vigorously developing the intelligent transportation industry is an important measure to promote urbanization

the construction of intelligent transportation is a socialized system engineering, involving all aspects. Among them, intelligent transportation system is a real-time, accurate and efficient integrated transportation management system that effectively integrates advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the whole ground traffic management system

in the whole intelligent transportation system, sensors, like human facial features, play an irreplaceable role and are widely used in various fields of transportation. For example, the sensor network composed of wireless sensors has excellent characteristics, which can provide an effective means for information collection of intelligent transportation system, and can detect vehicles in all directions at the intersection, and according to the monitoring results, improve the simplification, improve the signal control algorithm and improve the traffic efficiency. In addition, the wireless sensor network can also be applied to the control subsystem and guidance subsystem of the implementation subsystem, such as improving the signal controller to realize the bus priority function of the intelligent transportation system; The position sensor can help to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and other functions

looking at the current situation and future demand of China's transportation, the efficiency of fuel, emission regulations, production efficiency and regional infrastructure will become the four driving four ball friction and wear testing machines in China's intelligent transportation industry. Computer speckle measurement system force can be selected, and sensors will also play an important role in these four fields to help the construction of intelligent transportation industry

first, fuel efficiency. With the increasing oil price, how to improve the energy efficiency of fuel and achieve the effect of saving and energy saving is an increasingly serious problem faced by enterprises or institutions. To improve fuel efficiency, in addition to the efforts of oil manufacturing and transportation enterprises, optimizing powertrain, engine or gearbox is also an important direction, and there will be a lot of room for development. For this reason, companies such as Honeywell, the world's leading sensor and switch supplier, have made a lot of efforts in technological innovation, product development and sensor application. For example, the new generation of intelligent hydraulic pump uses a position sensor to detect the position of the hydraulic pump baffle, which saves 15% fuel than the pump introduced by the company

second, emission regulations. As the scope of haze weather in China is more and more extensive and lasting, how to reduce PM2.5 to improve the city's atmospheric and environmental health index is a top priority. To this end, the state has issued a series of policies, including dealing with vehicle exhaust emissions. In fact, in cities, the emission of construction machinery may be more serious than that of cars. At present, the number of construction machinery in China is about 3.3 million, including excavators, bulldozers, cranes and cranes at construction sites in cities. The emission of an excavator is equivalent to the emission of 30 cars. This year, China will promulgate the national third standard with the same emissions as Euro III. Mr. Chen Biao, deputy mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's government, Mr. Xie Bingwen, deputy district head of Shenzhen Nanshan District People's government, Ms. Wu Xian, chairman of water shares, Mr. He Zheng, general manager, Mr. Ning Ao, vice president of Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd Nearly 150 partners and friends who supported the development of water, including the director, supervisor and senior manager of water, have witnessed this milestone and will be promoted to the Fourth National Congress in the next few years. In order to meet the requirements of the new generation of emission regulations, the electronic control system of relevant construction machinery engines needs to be controlled more accurately, which requires the use of more sensors, such as Honeywell camshaft, crankshaft and other position sensors, which can play an important role in the engine, so as to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

third, production efficiency. When the market situation is not very stable and the growth is not very fast, every enterprise is thinking about how to improve production efficiency. Today, with the increasing popularity of mechanization, the power of machines is either electricity or fuel. Intelligent transportation will make a big fuss about efficiency improvement. Therefore, intelligent position sensors that can help improve the production efficiency of vehicles will have broad prospects for development

fourth, regional infrastructure construction. The demand for regional infrastructure construction is a force that can not be ignored to drive the growth of sensors. Although China's economy is in a period of moderate development, with the acceleration of urbanization, domestic transportation and other infrastructure construction will spring up like mushrooms, which will promote the rapid growth of automation products and solutions. Especially in the era of developing smart cities, sensors, as a part of automation products, will have a very broad market

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