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Robot design and development

pay deep respect to Chinese culture with the representative masterpiece of range hood "Lin Feng" (cxw-200-td06). The intoxicating "ice crystal blue" aperture, set off by the touch of the button made of refined steel, complement each other. High definition LED display, robot design and development, convenient and visible operation. The decorative cover is made of high-quality carbon structural steel with high strength and corrosion resistance. The surface is then treated by high-grade paint spraying process, and the robot is designed and developed to show the sense of Rui silver and add more luxury. 65cm seamless large smoke chamber with large capacity and super strong cage lampblack. "Smooth suction chamber" - streamlined integrated seamless large smoke chamber, designed and developed by robot, with the smoothest oil smoke arc, gathering oil smoke and quickly discharging from here. With the integrated deep drawing and forming technology, the whole smoke collecting chamber is drawn from a stainless steel plate, and then through the up bending process around, the inner chamber is truly seamless, without grooves, screws, greasy and nowhere to hide, completely eliminating many troubles when you clean the body. Not every factory can do it

generally speaking, the appearance design of products should change with the trend of the market. According to the survey of the data of hydraulic series: manual hydraulic universal material testing machine, a large proportion of our country's product design is from the perspective of enterprises, which is probably a trend of domestic commercial design. If a product wants to be different, it must be specialized. It must be designed from the starting point of users, so that users can think that this is a good product, and such a product will be recognized by the society. Technology is always the primary factor to promote innovation. For product design with technology as the starting point, the first thing to do is how to embody the new technology in the appearance, so that the product can speak by itself, so that consumers can directly feel the difference or particularity of the new technology. The same product will have different styles in different regions, such as European style and Korean style, which we often hear. Because of different living habits and environments, the design will also differ with cultural differences

industrial design aims to guide innovation, promote business success and provide a better quality of life. It is a design activity that applies the process of strategic problem-solving to products, systems, services and experiences. It is an interdisciplinary specialty, which closely links innovation, technology, business, research and consumers, carries out creative activities together, visualizes the problems to be solved and the solutions proposed, re deconstructs the problems, and takes it as an opportunity to establish better products and systems, and view creative services, experiences or business networks with a "playful" attitude, providing new values and competitive advantages. Industrial design is a response to social, economic, environmental and ethical issues through its output, aiming to create a better world. Modern industrial design covers a wide range of industries, involving many majors and industries. In a broad sense, it covers visual communication design, architectural design, interior design, environmental art design, furniture design, product design, mechanical design, etc. in a narrow sense, industrial design generally refers to product design (including automobile design, aircraft design and other manufacturing industries)

for most people, product design is actually a strange word to meet the requirements of rubber tensile test, but it always makes the market quotation fluctuate little and fill our daily life. Product design can be seen everywhere in digital products, daily necessities, fitness equipment, medical equipment and household appliances. It has quietly changed our consumption experience and habits! However, product design is not accomplished overnight. Its completion process is extremely complex and needs to be based on a large number of research data. Therefore, product design companies need to start from the initial research and analysis of people's needs when carrying out product design. According to the consideration of process cost and structure, ergonomics, people's habits, improve the aesthetics of products, structural rationality, commodity materials, production process, human-computer interaction experience, user habits and other factors, consider and take into account many aspects of problems, and comprehensively design reasonable solutions

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