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Sentai machinery mould appears in Beijing glass exhibition

Foshan Sentai machinery mould Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaotang Five Star Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, Foshan City. Since its establishment, the company has developed rapidly, has strong professional technology, and gathers many excellent technical talents. From May 20 to 23, 2015, the company will bring glass machinery accessories to the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (Booth No.: Hall W1)

the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China Glass Exhibition) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing. The quality and scale have been strongly supported and widely welcomed by the global glass industry, and have played an important role in comprehensively displaying the overall level of China's glass industry technology and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation. At present, the China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition has a wide influence abroad in the world and has become an internationally renowned exhibition. It is the largest international glass exhibition in Asia and one of the three major international glass exhibitions in the world

it is reported that Sentai mechanical abrasive tools are committed to the manufacturing of precision glass machinery and precision glass molds. Although the size of the samples used in the manufacturing of glass machinery is very small, he has many years of experience in specializing in the production of supporting equipment for glass machinery. From product research and development to production, he can fully grasp the requirements of customers, and provide the first production line, which mainly produces glassware presses, disk baking machines, tunnel baking machines, cup pushing machines, disk polishing machines and other precision machinery required by the aluminum alloy medium and thick plate glass industry. We can also make glass machines with different specifications and performance according to the special needs of users, and provide perfect and fast after-sales service. The glass machinery equipment of the company has the characteristics of strong applicability, intelligent numerical control, simple operation, reliable performance and low energy consumption

over the years, Sentai machinery has produced hundreds of large and small glass machines of various models, and the mechanical quality and performance have been highly recognized by our customers. Glass mold production: with many years of experience in glass mold design, manufacturing and processing, it is a professional glass mold enterprise integrating mold casting, design, development, research and production

China glass exhibition in 2015, the world's first 2800mmcvc6 high cold mill introduced by Guangxi Nannan aluminum processing Co., Ltd. (SMS) was put into production. Sentai mechanical abrasive tools welcome you

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