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Overview of China's glass industry since the reform and opening up, China's glass industry has formed a relatively perfect industrial system after three rounds of rapid development, and has undergone great changes in production scale, technical structure, product structure, PPS, peek, PI, PSF, high temperature PA, LCP, etc. At present, China has become the largest producer of flat glass in the world, accounting for more than 30% of the global glass output. China's glass industry has a large scale and a high growth rate, with an average growth rate of 16 in the past five years. 68%。 In terms of export market, the annual growth rate of China's glass exports in recent years has also increased at a double-digit rate

the scale of China's glass industry enterprises presents an extremely unreasonable problem: large number, wide distribution, but small scale, lack of ability to resist market turmoil and participate in international competition. In addition, due to the high energy consumption of glass production, with the rise of energy prices, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become the primary problem of the international glass industry. However, domestic production technology is backward, and the energy utilization rate and finished product rate are lower than the world level, which makes domestic glass products in a very disadvantageous position in the international market competition

since 2014, with the decline in the leverage of the real estate economy, the upstream glass industry has been directly affected. However, the process of capacity reduction in the industry continues to be slow, and the competition and trading environment at home and abroad continue to deteriorate. The glass industry has entered a vicious circle. Although industry enterprises are also constantly carrying out production line reform, most of them are converted to glass products with high added value, such as colored glass, ultra white calendering, photovoltaic, ultra-thin, optical glass, decorative glass, etc. However, the overcapacity of engineering projects in the glass industry is not only a problem of cyclical, phased and structural overcapacity, but also a comprehensive overcapacity. The only solution is to reduce production capacity

affected by the sluggish demand for downstream real estate, the inventory of flat glass has reached 31.56 million weight boxes, which is at a historical high, and continuous price increase letters have been issued! Especially for PC materials. As a result, the profits of glass enterprises also fell to the freezing point. From January to July 2014, the glass industry achieved a profit of 69. 900million yuan, of which the total profit of flat glass is 14. 700 million yuan, 27 for processed glass. 800 million yuan. The profit of flat glass in the second quarter was only 1. 400million yuan, down 90% from the first quarter. The whole industry 1. The profit of 400million yuan is even worse than that of a previous glass enterprise. Affected by the rise in natural gas prices, glass enterprises in the natural gas line in the industry suffer serious losses. Theoretically speaking, the third quarter should be the best time of the year, but the profit that can actively help customers improve the sustainability of products is only half of that of the same period last year

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