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Overview of the development of the German printing industry market II

the advertising economy promotes growth

in 2000, Germany Shandong Ruifu lithium industry, Huayou cobalt industry, jiangte Electromechanical industry, Yahua industry, Hunan Changchang lithium science and Technology Co., Ltd. participated in foreign mines or signed strategic cooperation agreements with foreign mines. The printing industry produced 34.6 billion marks of printed matter for domestic and foreign customers, more than 1.7 billion marks more than in 1999, an increase. 5.3%。 The main driving force to stimulate the growth of the printing industry is the development of the advertising industry. The German printing industry depends on the advertising industry to a large extent. In 2000, the production of other advertising media and advertising carriers accounted for 64.3% of the total output value of the printing industry. The output value of advertising print increased by 5.7%, higher than the growth rate of advertising expenditure of 5.6%

The year 2000 is a special year for the advertising industry. According to the calculation of the Federation of German advertising management, the advertising investment in Germany in 2000 increased by 5.6% over 1999, reaching 65.1 billion marks. The growth of advertising investment should be mainly attributed to the promotion and stimulation of the following factors:

· fierce competition between media suppliers

· pre notice or prevention of mergers of companies

advertising is an important product of the printing industry

"catalogue/advertising print" is statistically composed of four parts: catalogue, business report, advertising picture and other advertising print. In 2000, "catalogue/advertising print" regained the position of the most important product of the printing industry with a share of 36.5%, and the industrial output value increased by 5.4% over 1999. The growth rate of catalogue business in 2000 was 7.4%, higher than the average value of business growth, and higher than the growth rate of 6.7% in 1999. More than half of the output value of mail order catalogues, travel brochures and other catalogues is created by intaglio printing. In 2000, the output value of gravure catalogue accounted for 6.2% of the total output value of catalogue, which was slightly worse than that of offset catalogue. The business report continued the upward trend of the previous year with a growth rate of 3.9%

the sales volume of outdoor advertising enterprises in Germany totaled 1.5 billion marks in 2000, an increase of 9.5% over 1999. Except for outdoor advertising pillars, the sales of all outdoor advertising carriers have shown a positive development trend. The growth rates of large format advertisements and giant posters were the highest, with 16.6% and 12.7% respectively. 8. At present, Germany has an advertising area of about 419000 m2. Among them, large format advertisements account for 53% and light box advertisements account for 21%. The fourth part of "catalogue/advertising prints", namely "other advertising prints", is composed of a variety of different products. The output value growth rate of this market in 2000 was 5.4%, higher than that in 1999. In terms of direct mail advertising, according to the latest survey of Deutsche Post, the investment in this field in 1999 was 16.4 billion marks, an increase of 3.8% over 1998. In order to control the decline of raw materials from the source, accurate figures have not been released in 2000, but its growth rate is not optimistic

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