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Overview of jet ink market in North America

with the rapid growth of ink-jet printing market, major ink manufacturers have launched a series of products using new technologies in the field of jet ink. "Jet ink", once a very strange term, who can imagine that it will be talked about by the printing industry today

manufacturer Fengyun

digital printing has maintained a double-digit growth rate in recent years and has become a new force in the printing industry, attracting the entry of many industry giants such as HP, DuPont, Kodak, Xerox, Fujifilm and so on

the inkjet market has also become a competition for major manufacturers to hire 27 scientific and technological personnel with senior professional titles or above as members of the alliance's Technical Committee. It can be predicted that as more traditional ink suppliers enter the market, a soul stirring "big fish eat small fish" reshuffle will officially begin. However, for a long time, the vast majority of jet ink products are provided by the following three types of enterprises: some are OEM manufacturers, such as DuPont ink jet, sensienttechnologies and avecia; Followed by large ink manufacturing companies, such as Sun Chemical, Sericol and Markem; Then there are some emerging enterprises, such as Collins, triangle digital, lyson, squid, etc


jetrion, as a newly established subsidiary of Flint Group, has proved to the world that as a fast-growing ink and system solution provider, its strength in ink jet cannot be underestimated in a relatively short period of time with its continuous technological innovation. Their biggest feature is that they can provide specific system solutions for each specific end-user. For example, they cooperated with Crwon company to develop an inkjet printing system on iron cans. At present, j e t r i o n has achieved steady growth in direct mail, large format printing, packaging, labeling and other business areas, especially the growth rate of packaging and labeling business is beyond its imagination

aelora digital

markem company has a series of compact and rapid processes from the establishment of aelora digital digital branch to accelerating the expansion speed

as the parent company Markem has more than 20 years of R & D strength in the inkjet printing field, aellora digital has occupied an important position in the market since its establishment. With the success of the global promotion of surefire tkmp1000, a new type of ready to use small format printing machine, as well as the economic tension of people in aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation, etc., and the mediation and elimination of household assets, aellora digital hopes that the high-performance UV curing ink it launched at the same time can be used as an important product to expand from the traditional inkjet printing field to the industrial and commercial printing business field

In February, 2006, Sakata ink merged into i n X International ink after acquiring triangle Digital Co., Ltd., and became the third largest ink supplier in the United States. Triangle digital I NX is a professional manufacturer of durable pigment type digital printing ink and protective varnish for large format and large format outdoor advertising printing. After being incorporated into I NX international ink, it will greatly expand the product supply of I NX international ink, especially in the field of sheet fed offset printing. Brad kisner, general manager of the new company triangle digital INX, is confident that triangle will continue to maintain a double-digit growth rate. "The rapid growth of the jet ink market has kept us manufacturers busy," he said with a smile


nazdar also entered the inkjet market on a large scale through the acquisition of lyson in February 2006, and appointed Stewart partridge, a famous expert in inkjet printing industry and founder of rotary printing consulting industry, as the manager of its digital ink department. Nazdar hopes to develop into an important member of the inkjet industry through the digital printing strategy determined as early as two years ago. In fact, the market data fed back by nazdar in the first half of 2006 shows the great success of this strategy


sunjet, the inkjet Department of Sunchemical, has also achieved a sales growth rate higher than the industry average, and based on good market expectations, it has established a new inkjet factory in Ohio, the United States


American Fujifilm Sericol successfully launched the Inca digital printer and the new model Spyder 320 in 2005. Driven by the expansion of the platform UV printing machine market and other factors, they began to strengthen the R & D and market promotion of c olor + series solvent based digital printing inks


as the main supplier of jet ink for Kodak, HP and other digital printing giants, Collins ink has been growing at a rate of more than 20% in the past 10 years. With the continuous expansion of the company's scale, it is quite rare to maintain this high growth. This is mainly due to the great achievements made by Kodak and HP in inkjet printing business in recent years. Kodak inkjet printing department, especially the large format inkjet printing business, created the highest sales record in 2005, and Kodak is about to use its "9-inch" technology to open up a new inkjet printing market, making the development prospect of c o l i ns ink in the inkjet business more optimistic. The substantial development of HP inkjet printing business is due to its successful entry into the packaging industry market. Collins ink hopes to meet the specific needs of every customer by constantly launching new products and cooperating with HP's Humanized Technology enjoyment

solvent type, water-based, or UV type

from a chemical point of view, jet ink is not a single variety. Solvent based, water-based, u V-type and other technical jet inks have their own specific application fields. At the same time, in order to achieve faster and better development, various types of jet inks are looking for new technological breakthroughs and trying to break other application spaces. With the advantages of low price and wide range of applicable equipment, solvent jet ink has the largest market share and is still growing steadily; U-V jet ink has not been widely used at present, but it is unique because of its wide range of substrates, especially in rigid materials; Although water-based jet ink has a very limited range of printing materials, and some require surface pretreatment, its application equipment cost is the lowest

water-based jet ink

for home and office printers, water-based jet ink is undoubtedly dominant and dominated by several giants, such as DuPont ink jet, sensitive and ave e c IA. Interestingly, the inkjet business of these manufacturers is basically handed over to their OEM suppliers, who provide the sales and filling services of ink cartridges, but this market is also being threatened by the market competition of non OEM suppliers. In addition to being used in home and office inkjet printing, water-based inkjet is also used in digital printing of textiles, large-scale inkjet printing, indoor posters, advertising and many other fields. Although the wide application of color laser printers has robbed part of the market of color documents, inkjet printing with water-based inkjet still occupies a place in high-end color printing, such as photos, proofing, CAD/gis and other markets

solvent jet ink

due to its unique printing quality, durability and the use of cheap printing materials, solvent jet ink occupies a dominant position in large format and large format applications, but it has the fatal injury of polluting the environment. With the gradual attention of countries around the world to the environment, the use of solvent based inks has been restricted in the United States and European markets, but this has also promoted the development of new environmentally friendly solvent based inks, but there are no products widely accepted by the market at present. However, in Asia, especially in China, traditional solvent jet inks are still booming

uv jet ink

u V jet ink has the advantages of high production efficiency, high resistance and high adaptability, which makes it grow fastest in the inkjet printing market. Some institutions predict that the sales of UV jet ink will reach US $250million in 2010. Sunjet, Sericol, jetrion, aelora digital and many other ink manufacturers attach great importance to this field and actively carry out relevant product research and development

it can be predicted that outdoor advertising printing and lithography will become the main growth points of UV jet ink. For special printing materials, such as glass, ceramics, metals, etc., UV jet ink using UV curing technology is the only choice at present. The domestic material change experimental machine started in the early 1960s and 1970s. Considering comprehensively, UV jet ink and water-based jet ink will have great development space in a long time due to their respective advantages. Once the new environmentally friendly solvent jet ink technology is mature, with large-scale use, its market prospect is also quite broad

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