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Overview of the world ink market (Part 2)

④ according to relevant statistics, relevant Chinese departments predict that China's packaging industry will increase at an annual rate of 8% from 2001 to 2005, and the output value of the packaging industry will reach 320billion yuan in 2005

by 2005, the output value of paper packaging products is expected to reach 20million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 9%; The output of plastic packaging products is 5.04 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 8%; The output of glass packaging products is 6.05 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 6%; The output of metal packaging products is 2.88 million tons, with an average annual growth rate of 8%; The packaging printing volume is 494billion, with an average annual growth rate of 9%; The market demand for packaging machinery will reach 670000 sets, with an average annual growth rate of 8%

Research on high value application of fly ash in plastics Japan's printing ink production

compared with 1998, Japan's printing ink production in 1999 increased again. The largest increase in production is in the offset printing market. In terms of output, the production of these printing inks increased by 7%. However, metal printing inks decreased by 18% (see Table 1)

3. Printing

① the printed Hindustan ink company (sinterstein) and resin Co., Ltd. (Hirl) want to establish a production base in California, USA. For this reason, a subsidiary micro ink Corp has been established, and the experimental scope can be expanded accordingly, It plans to pre produce ink (semi-finished products) in India, and then ship it to the United States for further processing. The business policy is that it can be transferred to other places in the future, such as major ink markets in Europe and Asia. Hirl expects a significant increase in production capacity abroad in 2002. The ink factory can be put into operation in Silvassa in the shortest time, and the annual production capacity is expected to reach 57450 metric tons

② Coates of India Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IL)

Coates of India Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IL), the Japanese branch of Greater Japan ink chemical group (DIC), recently built an ink factory in ahmedabed, India. The scale of the design scheme is that the final production capacity is 12000 metric tons, and the final product is printed black ink. Then 200 tons will be produced every month, and the infrastructure will be completed by the end of August or September. The plant will be technically equipped with equipment manufactured by Swiss B ü hler Buhler company

Table 1 printing ink production in Japan (in thousands of tons)

printing process 1998 1999

offset 125536 134025

book printing 12219 11546

flexographic printing 25432 25704

metal printing 37009 30503

gravure printing 26735 26074

packaging gravure printing 113412 118930

other processes 37298 38755

newspaper printing 50973 51522

auxiliary raw materials 65506636

total 435164443 , 695

③ flint ink company entered the Indian market

flint ink company (a branch of Michigan ink manufacturer in the United States) completed the plan to receive most of the equity of India's incowax company. A major step for the United States is in the subcontinent. In the printing place, incowax is a major supplier of liquid inks for the packaging industry

flint ink and incowax have reached an agreement to hold 51% of the shares. Mahony, the European president of flint ink, said that after a period of time, his share would be increased to 76%

incowax has more than 100 professional employees, providing solvent based and water-based gravure and flexographic inks for the Indian flexible packaging market. The company has only five production plants and two warehouses to firmly lock the movable sand dune warehouse. Serve the entire Indian market. The ink products produced are also exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia

mahony said, "because we are optimistic about the market prospect of India, we decided to invest in incowax. It is estimated that the scale of India's printing ink industry is 6 billion rupees (equivalent to 884 million pounds/1.285 billion dollars) 。 This investment is also an important way for us to enter the Indian and Southeast Asian markets

flint ink company invested its own technology into incowax company to maintain the same products as flint ink, which is consistent with the high standards of flint ink company

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