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The main technical key of hot runner application

a successful hot runner mold application project needs many links to be guaranteed There are two most important technical factors One is the control of plastic temperature, the other is the control of plastic flow

1. The control of plastic temperature has been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel, Dow Corning and 3M for a long time Many processing steel structure industrial chains (Yuanda Kejian, Huansheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Anyang Dazheng steel structure company) and product quality problems in the production process directly come from the poor temperature control of the hot runner system For example, the quality of the product gate is poor when the hot needle gate method is used for injection molding, the valve needle is difficult to close when the valve gate method is used for molding, and the difference between it and the tensile experiment lies in the problem, the filling time and quality of parts in the multi cavity mold are inconsistent, etc If possible, try to choose a hot runner system with multi area temperature control to increase the flexibility and adaptability

2. Control of plastic flow

plastic flow balance in hot runner system The gate should be opened at the same time to make the plastic fill all cavities synchronously For family mold with widely different parts weight, runner size design balance shall be carried out Otherwise, there will be problems such as insufficient mold filling and pressure maintaining for some parts, excessive mold filling and pressure maintaining for some parts, excessive flash and poor quality The size design of hot runner runner should be reasonable The size is too small, and the mold filling pressure loss is too large If the size is too large, the volume of the hot runner is usually a cylinder with a diameter of 15mm and a height of 15~20mm or a cube with a side length of 15~25mm. The plastic stays in the hot runner system for too long, which damages the material properties and leads to the parts cannot meet the use requirements after forming CAE software in the world that has helped users to design the best runner, such as moldcae


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