Main problems in the output inspection before the

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Main problems in prepress output inspection

1 Wrong or missing characters; Ensure that no missing fonts are reported when opening typesetting documents, or similar fonts can be permanently replaced with the consent of the customer; Ensure that the characters in the typesetting file are the real characters selected from the character menu, rather than the style similar to "bold" selected from the style menu; In addition, note that in some Rip, character substitution and string bits caused by mutual interference between true type and type 1 postscript characters

2. Image format, mode and resolution; Check the image link, ensure that there is no lack of image, ensure that the image format is general format (TIF, EPS, etc.), ensure that the image or color block is CMYK four-color printing mode (RGB mode will turn gray during rip color separation), ensure that the resolution of the image is suitable for the printing requirements, and do not zoom the image too much

3. Generally, the oil source is embedded into the internal printing and overprint color of the host; Pay attention to whether some black words and lines are overprinted (check whether they are hollowed out by color separation). Black words are monochromatic black to avoid the appearance of four-color words; In addition, if the logo money is added manually, it must be determined as four-color overprint color

4. Making up and marking; Understand the binding method of documents, and ensure that the folio folding is correct. The large page of the folio should be marked with finished product line, alignment line, (folding line, spine line - used for folding and binding the cover of the book) ladder and color identification; Bleeding is done in place

5. Bleeding and text margins; Bleeding pictures and texts should be done in place (generally 3mm, sometimes 2mm-5mm due to the size of the paper with blue halo in the middle or the post press processing conditions). The pictures and texts in the layout should be kept at a certain distance from the finished line to avoid being cut off or affecting the beauty of the page

6. Graphic spacing and color difference; Ensure that the image does not press the text (in some typesetting software, the mutual exclusion of graphics and text often fails when performing operations such as typesetting or image re insertion, so that the image is pressed on the text this year); Ensure the legibility of the text on the base map (when the text is pressed on the base map with close color, pay attention to shading or edge ticking, etc.)

five elements of printing

five elements of printing: manuscript, printing plate, ink, substrate, printing machinery

manuscript: the general term of copied pictures, drawings, photos, negatives, printing products, etc. in reproduction technology. The manuscript is required to be clear, clear and suitable for printing

printing plate: a printing graphic carrier used to transfer ink to the substrate. It is divided into graphic part and non graphic part

substrate: a substance that receives ink or adsorbs pigment and presents graphics and text. (colorants are usually used for copying) I once heard that except for water and air, all substances in the world can be used for printing

ink: the imaging material transferred to the substrate during the printing process

printing machinery: the general name of the machine and equipment used to produce printed matter


the text, outline and color filling of RGB mode in CorelDRAW 6.0/8.0/9.0 must be converted to CMYK color mode. If powerclip (image precise clipping) effect has been used in CorelDRAW, please point it out in particular when arranging

coreldraw 8.0/9.0, if the picture in PSD format is rotated, the TIF picture has redundant channels, and it is easy to be damaged. Please convert the picture into bitmap in CorelDRAW. Please try to make the pendulum impact tester pay attention to what in use when sending? Use TIFF format and watch preview on rip. If the pictures in PSD format are not converted and there is a problem, our company is not responsible for the consequences of the film, please use it with care

the effect used in CorelDRAW 8.0/9.0, please convert it to bitmap. If there is a problem without conversion, our company is not responsible for the consequences of production, please use it carefully. CorelDRAW 8.0 medium gray PSD mode pictures, the output is overprint, and must be converted to CMYK color mode

please generate PS file for founder file layout. If there is a supplementary word, please specify it

please use Montaigne font when sending Montaigne documents

word documents cannot be sent in color, but can be spelled in a large version, which is easy to lose words and pictures. Please see the preview on rip and confirm it before releasing the film

pagemaker 6.0/6.5 files, TIFF format pictures are easy to be stretched, please use EPS color separation format. The founder font is easy to be damaged, please do not use it

please do not store other files and make a backup for the Mo, CD or hard disk used by the customer to output. If it is accidentally damaged or lost, our company is only responsible for repairing or compensating the Mo disk, CD or hard disk, and is not responsible for its contents

all documents that come to our company for output shall be retained for up to 24 hours. If there is a problem with the film, please put it forward within 24 hours after taking the film. You will not be responsible for expiration

the customer is responsible for the final inspection. Please proofing and then printing after the film is produced, or the film is produced after proofing. If there is an error in the layout, our company is not responsible for any joint and several except the film

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