Main technical parameters of t160c bulldozer for m

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Main technical parameters of bulldozer t160c type moving mountains

blade capacity (M3): 3.69231.9

clutch; Hydraulic torque converter: main clutch: wet, multi disc, with inertia brake, hand-operated hydraulic power

transmission: helical gear constant mesh, strong. These machines are mostly divided into hammer impact experiments. Its precision micro-control instrument can effectively and accurately detect the lubrication of each link. CNTs has a very large length diameter ratio, hand-operated forward gear 5, backward gear 4

central transmission: spiral bevel gear Splash lubrication

steering clutch: wet, multi disc, Belleville spring compression, hand operated (linked with the brake) oil pressure boost

steering brake: wet, belt type, pedal oil pressure boost With parking brake device

supporting pulley (number of one side): 2

supporting rollers (number of one side: single and double): 6: 4 2

crawler shoes (number of one side): 37 pieces

should be replaced

oil pump form: cbj7-e112fk gear pump

control valve: single valve column double valve column

system pressure (MPA): it can also be used for other low temperature detection and experimental work 13.7

system flow (l/min) : 250

Winch: mechanical traction double winch

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