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Main problems in the process of cost management

1. Lack of standardized cost management system and system

although many real estate enterprises we have come into contact with attach great importance to cost management, due to lack of experience, the company has not established a standardized cost management system, including various rules and regulations, job responsibilities, control processes, etc., and many enterprises have no special departments responsible for cost management

2. Design changes and on-site visas are difficult to effectively control

frequent changes and visas make many real estate enterprises a big headache. On the one hand, it is difficult to grasp the latest changes in time and properly adjust the loading of the speed valve according to the loading speed. On the other hand, there is also a lack of effective measures to avoid all kinds of unnecessary changes as far as possible. "Change black hole" makes many real estate companies very headache, Some companies even have the situation of "reverse signing" repeatedly

3. Overpayment occurs from time to time

due to many changes in the implementation of the contract, coupled with the deductions and warranty payments of the members of the "national new material industry development leading group", it is very difficult to calculate and review the payment amount. A few enterprises found that overpayment had occurred at the final settlement, resulting in very passive follow-up work, although the problem is very serious, However, this situation has been difficult to effectively and fundamentally eradicate

4. Unable to accurately grasp the latest dynamic costs in the process of project construction

at present, most enterprises have to wait until the completion of the project to calculate the actual cost of the project. They cannot know the latest dynamic cost status at any time in the life cycle of project development, so it is difficult to find and solve the problems in cost control in time in the process of project development, After the project is completed, it is found that the problem has nothing to do with it

5. It is difficult to understand the implementation progress of a large number of engineering contracts in real time

in the process of project development, enterprises need to sign various engineering contracts externally, especially in the case of large project scale and long cycle, the number of contracts is considerable, and at the same time, various common changes will occur in the process of contract implementation, including contract terms, payment terms, payment application, payment review There are many kinds of information related to the contract, such as contract settlement. Such a huge amount of information cannot be managed in real time and accurately under the manual management mode, so that a lot of repetitive work will be generated due to insufficient information or difficult sharing during the execution of the contract. Please re tension the tensioning wheel until unnecessary errors occur

6. It is difficult to accurately formulate the capital plan

as a capital intensive industry, real estate enterprises attach great importance to the management of capital flow. In the process of project development, because a large number of different types of contracts are in different stages of implementation, it is almost impossible to accurately formulate the capital plan for the next month or quarter in a short time! In real work, although the financial personnel have invested a lot of time and energy in formulating the fund plan, because all kinds of data are changing every day, often the data just painstakingly calculated is actually out of date, which is difficult to effectively ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the data, leading to the difficulty of the company's senior management to make correct decisions according to the timely and accurate fund plan

7. Lack of accumulation and analysis of historical cost data

because the enterprise does not have a digital cost management system, all kinds of cost data occurring in the past project development process are hidden in thick written documents or word, Excel files, unable to further process, refine and in-depth statistical analysis of historical data, so that the past valuable experience or lessons can not be effectively applied in new projects, It is difficult to continuously improve the cost management level of enterprises

8. It is difficult to track the price changes and application status of all kinds of materials in time.

at present, many real estate enterprises adopt the cooperation mode of materials supplied by Party A. in the process of material procurement, due to the manufacturers, material types, models, quotations, preferential margins, price changes, product quality, the warehousing inspection of raw materials is actually strengthened; In production, the same product shall be produced with masterbatch and color masterbatch of the same manufacturer and brand as far as possible; There is a huge amount of information about the application effect of color masterbatch. At present, the manual management mode simply cannot grasp the latest trends of all kinds of materials at any time, and it is difficult to share this information among projects, which makes it difficult to make accurate judgments in the material procurement process

9. Lack of comprehensive tracking management of cooperative manufacturers

in the process of project development, enterprises need to cooperate with various types of professional manufacturers such as construction, design, material supply, etc., especially for real estate enterprises with multi project development, in many cases, they will cooperate with the same manufacturer for many times in different projects (multiple contracts may be signed at the same time), In this case, it is generally difficult for real estate enterprises to fully grasp the latest comprehensive information of cooperative manufacturers in terms of quality, construction period, reputation, payment and so on. They lack effective tracking means to accurately evaluate the comprehensive performance of various cooperative manufacturers, and it is difficult to continuously improve the overall level of cooperative manufacturers

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