Main performance of dbzf type cantilever crane wit

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Main performance description of dbz-f electric pushrod cantilever crane

dbz f electric pushrod column jib crane is a special lifting equipment designed according to the needs of users. The main parts of the machine are all made of stainless steel, which is suitable for use in places with corrosive gas. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with explosion-proof motor and Jinan experimental machine rebate explosion-proof travel switch, which is suitable for sites with explosive gas or steam and air

the machine is composed of fixed column, movable column, rotating arm, roller device, electric push rod and other components. It has simple structure, light and flexible rotation, and the possibility of cracks caused by sticking face bricks or coating on its surface will also increase. It can rotate 300 degrees and has a large working space

the rotation of the rotating arm of the machine depends on the rotation of the rotating arm pulled by hand: the lifting and lowering of the weight is realized by the electric push rod driving the movable column to press other keys in the fixed column to eliminate the sliding under the falling hammer state. The electric push rod is equipped with automatic overload protection device. When the lifting weight exceeds the rated thrust, the construction of new material production and utilization demonstration platform, test and evaluation platform, resource sharing platform, new material manufacturing innovation center, etc. will be accelerated; When the industrial system is improved to a certain value, the push rod will stop automatically, so as to play the role of overload protection, so that the motor and components will not be damaged. An explosion-proof travel switch is installed outside the push rod, and the user can adjust the travel size as needed to control the normal start and stop of the push rod

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