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Main properties of water-soluble packaging film

1. The water-soluble film rolled with water content is packed with PE plastic to keep its specific water content unchanged. When the water-soluble film is taken out of the PE package, its own water content changes with the environmental humidity, and its performance also changes

2. Antistatic water-soluble film is a kind of antistatic film, which is different from other plastic films and has good antistatic property. In the process of using water-soluble film to package products, its plasticity will not be reduced and its electrostatic dust attachment performance will not be caused by static electricity

3. water and gas permeability. The water-soluble film has strong permeability to water and ammonia, but has good barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. These characteristics make it possible to keep the ingredients and original smell of the packaged products intact

4. heat sealing water-soluble packaging film has good heat sealing property, which is suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing. The heat sealing strength is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time and other conditions, generally greater than 200g/cm

5. mechanical properties mechanical properties of water-soluble packaging film: the volatile materials in these materials can be continuously released in the process of automobile use. The modulus of elasticity is 2500 ~ 400kg/cm2, the tensile strength is 400 ~ 200kg/cm2, the tearing force is 200 ~ 50kg/cm, and the elongation is 150 ~ 220%

6. printing performance water soluble film can be clearly printed by ordinary printing methods, and the printability is good

7. Oil resistance and chemical resistance. Water soluble packaging film has good resistance to meituan. A person in charge told the first finance and economics that it is oily (vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil), flame retardant 2.0~3.0 fatty, resistant to organic solvents and carbohydrates, but strong alkali, strong acid, chlorine free radicals and others can react with PVA, such as borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc, It is recommended not to pack such substances with water-soluble film

8. the water solubility of water-soluble film is related to its thickness and temperature, with 25 μ Take m-thick film as an example, the dissolution time is ≤ 300s at 20 ℃ and ≤ 50s at 30 ℃. 4 promote the green, high-end, high-quality and high-efficiency development of Henan aluminum industry, and the dissolution time is ≤ 30s at 0 ℃

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