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The price trend of plastic raw materials in Southwest China

the polyethylene market is very flat, and the price focus moves down slowly. In the Asian market, international oil fell again to a new low in the past three months, which led to a weak trend of ethylene and a drop in prices. 2. The product has changed and upgraded from low-end to high-end, which has a great negative impact on the polyethylene market. However, there has been no significant fluctuation in the market price at present. The overall performance of Southwest polyethylene in this period is weak, but the price trend of different varieties is different. Among them, the low-density market trend is weak, the market sentiment is relatively low, and the downstream demand is obviously insufficient. In the case of manufacturers' price reduction and large import volume, the price has stopped rising and turned weak. In contrast, the price of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with insufficient confidence has dropped significantly due to the impact of imported goods and the fact that the manufacturer has lowered the ex factory price of products. At present, the production momentum of downstream industries is not strong, the market demand for polyethylene is declining, and users tend to be generally bearish on the later market of polyethylene. Therefore, the slow decline of the market may be difficult to change. The reference price of low-density polyethylene in this period is 6300 ~ 6700 yuan (ton price, the same below), and the reference price of high-density polyethylene is 5800 ~ 6300 yuan

the polypropylene market operates steadily, and the price is adjusted horizontally. In the Asian market, due to the rising price of upstream raw material propylene, Rising polypropylene costs "We should focus on the leadership and command system. In addition, due to the need of replenishing inventory, buyers have increased their purchasing power recently, and the market is almost blank in many places of Jiaotong University. On the other hand, China's rapid industrial development in recent years is prone to comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, which is relatively active, and promotes the steady and rising trend of polypropylene prices. As some large polypropylene production plants in China have stopped production and maintenance recently, As a result, the supply of goods in the market has been significantly reduced, and the stock in the hands of dealers in the market has been declining, which has strengthened the purchase mentality of users. The market trading atmosphere is strong. However, due to the obvious rise in the price of polypropylene in the early stage, the current period is dominated by horizontal consolidation. The reference price of polypropylene wire drawing material in this period is 6400 ~ 6600 yuan

the PVC market keeps falling, and the price fluctuates and falls. In the Asian market, the pressure of oversupply and weak demand forced suppliers to continue to reduce the market price of PVC, and the market trading atmosphere is becoming weaker. In the southwest market, the weakness of the international PVC market has a great negative impact on the market sentiment; As the peak consumption season of downstream production for PVC gradually passes, the market demand is shrinking, the user's willingness to enter the market is declining, and the market trading atmosphere is flat; In addition, some low-priced imported products have entered the market, causing a certain impact on the market price, making users hesitant when buying on the market, resulting in the reduction of effective market transactions, and the price is difficult to stabilize due to the lack of support from trading volume. In particular, facing the current situation of poor sales, PVC manufacturers have lowered the ex factory price of products to a certain extent, which has promoted the decline of market prices. The market reference price of PVC general powder in this period is 5200 ~ 545 yuan

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