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20kW box diesel generator price

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20kw box type diesel generator price u 20kW diesel generator manufacturer diesel generator set is composed of diesel engine and synchronous exchange generator. The maximum power allowed to be used by diesel engine is limited by the mechanical load and thermal load of parts, so it is required to specify the maximum power allowed to operate continuously, which is called the rated power;

diesel engine cannot exceed the rated power, otherwise its utilization will be prolonged Life span, and even can form disorder

(1) rated power of diesel engine; According to the national standard, the rated power on the nameplate of the diesel engine is divided into the following four categories

1) 11 a large number of power battery enterprises set off a wave of production expansion. 5min power: the maximum power that the diesel engine is allowed to run for 15min. It can run overload in a short time and requires the rated power of accelerating function, such as the rated power of diesel engines such as automobiles and motorcycles

2) 1H power: that is, the maximum effective power of diesel engines of ordinary flexible packaging consumer manufacturers that are allowed to continue operating for 1H. The rated power of diesel engines such as wheeled tractor, locomotive and ship

3) 12h power: the maximum effective power that the diesel engine is allowed to continue operating for 12h, that is, the additional power we often say. For example, the rated power of diesel engines for power station units and construction machinery

4) continuous power: that is, the maximum power that the diesel engine can operate continuously for a long time. Cost of 20kW box type diesel generator_ 20kW diesel generator manufacturer

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industrial Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: Danian yeze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

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[company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai


[business style] : purchase and sales treaty Alipay business

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[about products]: including 17% VAT, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery in the world

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty lasts for one year to protect the world's joint guarantee export technology function is stable

daniaze power to22000et detailed parameters 20kW silent diesel generator

1 Technical standard

additional input kW 20 22

maximum power kw 24 26

additional frequency Hz 50 60

additional voltage V 380/220

additional speed rpm 1500 1800

number of phases: single-phase three-phase

power factor: 0.8/1.0

dispatching method: AVR (active voltage dispatcher)

noise level lp7m:db

frequency adjustment: (%): ≤ 0.5(steady state)

voltage fluctuation: (%) : ≤ 0.5

engine technical parameter data Bloomberg last month 24 Guide:

power model: yototi2200

brand: danieze power

cylinder diameter: 4*101*116mm

cylinder arrangement style: in-line arrangement

number of cylinders: 4 cylinders

cooling style: closed water circulation cooling

oil supply style: direct injection

speed regulation style: electronic speed regulation

air intake style: naturally aspirated

engine oil model: 15 W/40cd

fuel model: 0light diesel

diesel oil tank: 120l

unit fuel consumption: 206g/kw • h

smooth oil tank: 13l

motor technical parameters:

motor model: to22000et

additional power: 20kw

additional current a 90.9/52.6

wiring method: three-phase four wire Y-connection method

protection grade: ip22

insulation grade: H grade

other construction:

unit boundary dimension (L B H): 1950, 850, 1100mm

unit weight (kg): 580

low oil pressure alarm system can actively close the engine

electric starting ensures that the unit can be started quickly

a new type of voltage active scheduler ensures safe and stable voltage input

20kw box diesel generator cost_ The diesel generator in the "Drawer Room" of the 20kW diesel generator manufacturer has left the 21st century. Modern humans have begun to live in high-rise buildings. Domestic diesel generators have also been used in the "Drawer Room". It can be seen that domestic diesel generators play a primary role in family life. Let's have a taste of the so-called domestic diesel generator with danizawa power

first of all, with the passage of time, daze household diesel generators began to appear in family life. This is because the demand for electricity in family life is becoming higher and higher, while the ecological capital has been shattered, and the power supply is gradually decreasing. People can not help but use the domestic diesel generator as the backup power for life. With the development and utilization of new materials

therefore, there are a large number of domestic diesel generator manufacturers in our daily life, among which there are diesel generator manufacturers such as danieze power. Their domestic diesel generators have weak power, higher efficiency and durability. Therefore, it has won the favor of the University and also obtained rapid growth

since domestic diesel generator manufacturers are widely used in places with a large number of people, they are bound to break through the silence results. Yes, the household diesel generator of danizawa power has achieved a quieter result than other household diesel generators on the market. They use European technology and adopt the rare double-layer noise reduction and sound insulation technology. Therefore, this is why the domestic diesel generator of danizawa power can be used in family life

first, people must be more concerned about the Enron function of domestic diesel generators. It is also possible to believe that danizawa power has passed the Enron quality inspection of some columns of their diesel generators at the end of the country. What are you worried about now? Buy Household diesel generators from danizawa power quickly

source: daniozawa power

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