The owner spent 3million yuan to decorate the vill

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The owner spent 3million yuan to decorate the villa. Formaldehyde exceeded the standard by 8 times and became a toxic gas room

as of yesterday, this newspaper joined hands with Wuhan jubikang indoor environment testing center to test 100 newly decorated houses. The results showed that only 26 houses reached the standard, and as many as 24 houses reached the level of heavy pollution (5 times). Among them, a high-end villa in Hongjing garden has formaldehyde exceeding the standard by nearly 8 times. The owner mocked himself that he spent 3million yuan to install a poison gas room

the owner of the villa did not want to disclose his identity. The engineer of jubikang told the details: at the end of last year, the owner asked a decoration company in Beijing to finish the decoration. In addition to making furniture with various boards, all walls are pasted with wallpaper or wrapped with boards, and wood carvings are made in prominent parts. It took nearly half a year to decorate and tested after two months

as soon as the engineer entered the villa, tears couldn't stop flowing out. These wooden furniture and wallpaper use a lot of glue and adhesives. The test results showed that the formaldehyde content reached 0.88 mg/m3, which was nearly 8 times higher than the national standard of 0.1 mg/m3. Generally speaking, if the concentration is 1 to 2.5 times of the national standard, it is mild pollution, 2.6 to 5 times is moderate pollution, 5 to 8 times is heavy pollution, and more than 8 times is serious pollution

Miss Zhou, a resident of Liuhe road in Hankou, has a formaldehyde concentration of 0.84 mg/m3. She doesn't believe it: the decoration of her home is very simple! The engineer opened her bed and found that the board used was density board, and the edge of the incision was not sealed. In addition, the wardrobe customized by her family is made on site with wood core board. After completion, it is painted with white paint or varnish, which contains a large amount of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances

in an enterprise office building in Optics Valley, the formaldehyde content of the office is directly proportional to the level of the owner: the formaldehyde content of the president's office is 0.83 mg/m3, the vice president's office is 0.72 mg/m3, and the director's office of the testing room is 0.69 mg/M3. Engineers believe that this is related to the luxurious degree of decoration

Li Hongling, the person in charge of jubikang, said that luxury decoration, especially wallpaper, extensive use of boards, and the purchase of furniture made of inferior boards, were the main causes of pollution. Now many furniture manufacturers refer to the furniture produced by particle board and particleboard as solid wood furniture. In fact, this kind of board also contains a lot of formaldehyde, which is different from real wood. (reporter Qi Xiang intern Zhao Jing)

editor: Huang Jingwen Author: Qi Xiang Zhao Jing source: Wuhan Evening News [Print]





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