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The sofa cushion is loved by everyone because of its beautiful appearance. However, as time goes on, it is easier for the sofa cushion to get old, which not only affects the comfort, but also affects the beauty. Therefore, the maintenance and cleaning of sofa cushion has become a problem for many people. Today, Xiaobian will summarize the misunderstanding and normal maintenance methods of fabric sofa cushion maintenance for you. Let's learn together

myth 1. The longer it takes to dry, the better

many people will think whether the pillows and cushions of the sofa should be dried, so as to remove the bacteria on the sofa. However, under long-term drying, the sofa cushion will deteriorate, harden and become brittle, thus reducing the service life of the fabric sofa cushion

Myth 2. Exposure can kill viruses at high temperature

there is nothing wrong with exposing the sofa fabric to the sun for sterilization, but in fact, the fabric sofa will be very harmful under the sun. Under the change of temperature, it will affect the color of the fabric, cause fading and discoloration, and harden the fabric, affecting the comfort of the fabric sofa

myth 3. Regular tapping can remove dust

many people will mistakenly think that tapping the sofa can effectively remove dust and make the cushion clean. In fact, the cushion room doesn't need to be patted frequently, just need to clean the cushion regularly. Regular tapping will affect the cotton in the cushion, make the cotton loose, and cause the cushion to deform

the correct maintenance method of fabric sofa cushion:

first, the cushion should be turned over frequently

the fabric sofa cushion should be turned over once a week, so that the wear on the surface of the cushion can be distributed, and the local wear will not be serious, and one side will be cut intact. It also prolongs the life of sofa cushion made of cloth

second, pay attention to the method of cleaning the cushion

use a vacuum cleaner to conduct a comprehensive dust collection treatment on the sofa cushion, and those with local stains can be cleaned with a special cleaner. The specific method is to dilute the foam stain remover, inject it into the bubble box, wrap the sofa with cloth, brush the edge of the cushion by hand, and wash the cushion with a dry bubble brush with a single disc machine equipped with a bubble maker and a sofa brush. Use a high-temperature cleaning machine to disinfect and clean the sofa, and let the water suction machine suck dry bubbles to make the sofa cushion completely dry

III. the cushion should avoid the sun

in hot summer, strong sunlight is easy to fade the colored substances in the fabric sofa, making it no longer bright, which will accelerate the aging of the fabric sofa, so try to avoid direct sunlight. It's best to place the sofa away from the sun, or it's a good choice to block the sun with translucent curtains, which can also add a sense of elegance to the room

after reading the correct maintenance methods of sofa cushions shared by the editor above, have you made great understanding and progress in the cleaning of sofa cushions? I hope Xiaobian's introduction can help you. Please correct the above mistakes in time! For relevant information, please continue to follow this website, and look forward to more wonderful





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