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Decoration is like playing a game of chess, which is composed of countless links and difficulties. Each link contains intelligent considerations in mathematics, chemistry, art, electronic hydraulics, etc., and they are mutually causal. If a move goes wrong, it may lose the whole game

decoration is like playing a game of chess, which is composed of countless links and difficulties. Each link contains intelligent considerations in mathematics, chemistry, art, electronics, hydraulics and other aspects, and they are mutually causal. If a move goes wrong, it may lose the whole game. As an owner, in order to win the chessboard victory, every step should be clear and far sighted. Opportunities are for those who are prepared, and so are beautiful houses

decoration practice chessboard

trick a: know well before signing the contract

when signing the home decoration contract, we should grasp the most important principle, that is, when signing the contract, we should no longer have questions in mind. When you come to the home decoration company, you need to know a lot: about project quality, about decoration materials, about design, about after-sales service, about complaints, about decoration contracts, and so on. When it comes to a company, there are still some strengths and weaknesses. For these problems, try not to rush to sign a contract before you know it well

also, if the decoration company changes negotiators frequently in the process of negotiation with you, you should understand the reason. If it is because of personnel mobility, you should be more cautious when signing the contract

trick B: ask for the reference quotation for hydropower transformation

why do you still find that there is a gap between the settlement amount and your own expectations when doing the project settlement? In fact, in addition to the cost changes caused by engineering changes during the construction process, the main reason is the hydropower transformation. It turned out that when the decoration company signed the home decoration contract with consumers, because some on-site conditions were not very clear at this time, the quotation generally marked the unit price of the hydropower transformation project, and the total cost of the project did not include the cost of hydropower transformation. When the project is settled, the settlement of all projects is done, and the gap is inevitable. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to ask the decoration company to give you a reference quotation for hydropower transformation in the project quotation

trick C: the design drawings should be fully prepared

many disputes over home decoration are reflected in the understanding of the project. For example, due to the lack of detailed drawings, there may be some gaps between the designer and you in the understanding of some project shapes, and there may also be gaps in the specific dimensions of some projects because the drawings are not clear. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare the drawings as well as possible when signing the contract, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble after starting the work in these aspects

trick D: pay attention to the construction details in the contract documents

a relatively complete home decoration contract should include the construction technology, construction plan and material purchase order of Party A and Party B of key construction projects in addition to the project budget and design drawings

construction technology is a magic weapon to restrict the construction party to strictly implement the agreed process practices and prevent Jerry building. The construction plan is also very important, because now the phenomenon of delaying the construction period of home decoration is everywhere. At present, many home decoration contracts do not pay much attention to the material purchase orders of Party A and Party B. Although some provisions are made in the contract, most of them are superficial, mainly reflected in the lack of clear provisions on the brand of materials, the time limit of procurement, the method of acceptance and the acceptance personnel. Therefore, the above-mentioned documents that are generally easy to be ignored in the family decoration contract should not be omitted as far as possible

trick e: try to avoid impossible clauses

some contract clauses of home decoration stipulate the construction quality that cannot be achieved at all under the relevant project quotation, while some contract clauses stipulate the indoor air environment clauses that cannot be achieved under any conditions. For example, an owner requires in the additional terms of the contract that "after the decoration is completed, professional monitoring institutions should be invited to monitor the indoor environment, and the indoor environment should be absolutely environmental friendly". But what is "absolute environmental protection"? First of all, the concept is unclear, not to mention that all decorated houses will have certain environmental pollution problems to varying degrees, and no one or any company can do "absolute environmental protection". Therefore, once a dispute occurs, the relevant institutions generally do not support this requirement. Therefore, it is suggested that when signing the contract, you should not consider those requirements that cannot be met in the current market reality. Because even if this is done, the decoration company agrees to sign the contract, and it will still be troublesome in the future

if you visit the building materials City before decoration, you will generally glance at the flowers without any key points. Some things can really be carefully selected after the decoration curtain is unveiled, but the objects in the kitchen and bathroom must be determined before decoration, which is related to many follow-up problems such as water and electricity transformation

trick a: cabinet size is people-oriented

the height of the worktable in the kitchen should be 85 cm. For people with special height, it can be customized according to the height of the user; In terms of depth, the workbench is suitable for 60 cm

the height of the workbench should be based on the fact that the user's fingers can touch the bottom of the basin when standing. Most cabinets can adjust the foot base to make the worktable reach the appropriate scale, but this is only a fine adjustment. It is best to determine the appropriate height before installation. The height from the worktable to the bottom of the hanging cabinet is 60cm; The low size is 50 cm. The cabinet layout and the height of the workbench should be suitable for the height of the housewife

as for the depth of the hanging cabinet, in the same kitchen, it is best to use two sizes of 30cm and 35cm to facilitate the placement of large dishes. When standing, the user should hang his hand to open the cabinet door, raise his hand to reach the first space of the hanging cabinet, and place common items in the horizontal space between 60 cm and 183 cm. If the space is not enough, you can consider putting the microwave oven, oven, etc. on the overhead to make room for the worktable

trick B: sanitary ware size: cherish inch by inch

land occupation: how much space do various sanitary wares in the bathroom need to occupy? Generally speaking, the area occupied by the toilet is 37 × 60 cm; The area of the hanging basin is 50 × 70 cm, cylindrical basin area 40 × 60 cm; The square shower has an area of 80 × 80 cm; The standard area of the bathtub is 160 × 70 cm

installation Reservation: the distance between the bathtub and the opposite wall should be 100 cm, which is a reasonable distance if you want to move around. Even if the bathroom is very narrow, leave room for walking beside the bathtub. There should be at least 60 cm between the bathtub and the wall or other objects

distance between sanitary wares: 20 cm should be reserved between two sanitary wares, including the distance between the toilet and the washbasin or between the sanitary wares and the wall. A distance of 60 cm should be kept between the relatively placed bathtub and the toilet, which is the minimum distance that can pass through the middle

trick: see whether the material of furniture is reasonable

different furniture has different surface materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets are required to use hard miscellaneous wood, which is relatively strong and can bear loads, while other materials can be used for internal materials; The thickness of the overcoat legs is required to reach 2.5cm. If it is too thick, it will appear clumsy, and it is easy to bend and deform if it is thin; The cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom cannot be made of fiberboard, but should be made of plywood, because the fiberboard will expand and damage when encountering water; The dining table should be washable

if the wood is found to have wormholes and crumbs, it indicates that the drying is not complete. After checking the surface, you should also open the cabinet door and drawer door to see whether the inner material is decayed. You can pinch it with your fingernails. Pinching it in means that the inner material is decayed. After opening the cabinet door, smell it with your nose. If you flush your nose, glare, and weep, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high, which will be harmful to human body

when the decoration comes to an end, it is time for "soft decoration" to show its strength. The biggest feature of soft decoration is to show your aesthetics and personality as much as possible, and give the room a warm and fashionable style. As long as you do any of the following, your room will change greatly and emit a delicate charm

trick a: choose curtains according to space

bedroom curtains generally need to choose thick fabrics, which can effectively block light and noise without affecting sleep. If possible, you can also add a layer of shading cloth to the bedroom curtains

if your living room is mainly made of classical solid wood furniture, you should choose jacquard cloth to match it, which looks more atmospheric and stable. If the living room is more choice of color jumping furniture, it is best to choose silk, metallic luster cloth curtains to continue the modern sense of space

if the living room furniture is mainly panel furniture, you should choose printed cloth curtains with light texture and bright color. If you like the feeling of playing in flowers in spring, you might as well try the popular art deco decorative style this year, and choose a group flower window curtain with elegant color. If the sofa and cushion can also be changed into the same color as the curtain, the overall sense of space will be stronger

trick B: carpets should pay attention to flower colors

or soft or lively flower carpets bring new inspiration to the home. Rose petals, gardenias, tulips, vines, these familiar and kind patterns reproduce the fragrant scenery of the garden

generally, under the tea table with solid wood or marble surface, it is best to choose the block blanket with frame design. For the transparent tea table, it is recommended to choose a block blanket with a pattern in the middle. If the living room is more than 20 square meters, the carpet should not be less than 4 square meters. For larger beds or beds without overhead cabinets, the blanket in front of the bed should be placed on the side near the door or on both sides of the bed. Carpets of various specifications can be laid in front of and beside the bed in the bedroom, and larger square carpets, round carpets or oval block carpets can also be pressed at the foot of the bed. The bedroom with low activity can choose the carpet with high nap and soft. The carpet under the dining table should not be smaller than the area of the dining table

trick C: soften the space with bedding and cushions

you can choose multiple sets of bedding, which can be matched according to the different environment and mood to meet your emotional and psychological needs. The humanization of bedding design meets the needs of comfort and health

if there are Ming and Qing style furniture at home, silk, satin, silk, linen, etc. can be used as cushions, and the surface is decorated with embroidery or printing patterns. It can also be decorated with super large loop buckles of Chinese clothes. If it is ordinary Chinese furniture, you can choose printed cotton as the fabric, and use the monochrome cloth strip with great contrast to make the piping edge of the cushion, which is eye-catching and fashionable

when the overall indoor tone is relatively simple and single, bright colors with higher purity can be used for soft decoration. With the help of comparison, the personalized effects of indoor furniture and furnishings can be enriched, and the environmental atmosphere can be activated and adjusted




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