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The business model has been upgraded, and Shanghai zhanmeilun has been popular

from August 17 to 19, 2011, the 12th China (Shanghai) International wallpaper and wallpaper exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai. More than 2000 exhibitors and more than 30000 professional visitors gathered at the exhibition site. Meilun space participated in this industry event for the second time, and its brands “ Shangcai ” The counter also took this opportunity to officially appear& ldquo; Create a new consumption experience ”, Breaking the business model of traditional decorative materials caused a warm response from the audience. Meilun exhibition has become one of the focus exhibition halls, setting a sales record of signing more than 70 counters

Meilun Shanghai exhibition site

the popularity of product replication has always been a pain in the home furnishing industry. At this exhibition, Meilun showed the audience its strong strength in product research and development, and its original design “ Women's flowers &rdquo& ldquo; Children's paradise &rdquo& rdquo;& ldquo; Classical impression &rdquo& ldquo; Silver Beach scallops ” The four theme spaces perfectly interpret Meilun's personalized and themed product concept, attracting countless past guests to stop and visit

Shang Shangcai's debut “ Decorative materials, digital customization ” The counter attracted many spectators. The 6 square meter exhibition space shows nine series of products, including wallpaper, wall cloth, sliding door, floor, ceiling, textile, glass, ceramic tile and curtain. Among them, the personalized decoration set software can experience various decorative materials through 3D virtual home scene, and can 720& DEG; Roaming and browsing the whole room space effect, and at the same time, it also has the functions of automatic order placing, order progress inquiry and so on& ldquo; 6 square meters of exhibition space, 200 square meters of big business ”, It couldn't help but brighten the eyes of the dealers present, and there was an upsurge of joining Shangcai counters on the scene

the crowd experience of many spectators is excellent “ Digital customization ” The display system

comes from Ms. Li, who operates a wallpaper store in Beijing. After observing the overall configuration of Shangcai counter at the exhibition, she immediately placed high hopes on it and signed a letter of intent to join on site. She said, “ Shangcai counter's one-stop product solution makes it easy for me to buy not only wallpaper, but also wall tiles and other materials, which is of great significance to the expansion of business& rdquo;

professional audience Mr. Huang said “ In the era of terminal winning consumption, everything is to better serve consumers. Shangcai ‘ C-scan digital experience system ’, Let customers buy Decorative materials according to the effect, greatly reducing the risk of shopping, and indeed creating a new experiential consumption form for us. I believe that in the near future, it will be popular with consumers &rdquo

the wonderful appearance of Shangcai counter showed all the audience the results of Meilun's business model upgrading. The successful investment attraction of the counter during this trip not only had a good promotion effect on the brand image, but also strengthened the strategic direction of Meilun space




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